About I Stop For Hops

I’ve been blessed to be able to visit a number of breweries and brew pubs across the United States and have enjoyed many wonderful tours given by passionate brewers and have enjoyed many wonderful pints of great beer.  This blog is a simple opportunity for me to share my experiences with others who may be interested.  I hope you find something you enjoy.

Bad Weather Brewing Company, Saint Paul, MN

I stopped in at Bad Weather Brewing Company in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  I enjoyed the Hitched white grapefruit IPA and the Pineapple Wheat.  Both had just enough fruit flavor to be interesting without being overpowering.  The IPA was clearly more bitter and the wheat was more mild.  Both wonderful beers and very drinkable.  The environment at the brewery was hip and full of energy when I stopped by.


Barrel Theory Beer Company, Saint Paul, MN

I stopped in at Barrel Theory Beer Company in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  I wound up trying four beers.  Robo Trippin is a tart cherry gose.  Agua Fresca is a tropical fruit Berliner which I found to be delicious. Java Oats is a coffee stout and K3yb04rdW4rr10r is a delicious chocolate milk stout.  I enjoyed all of these beers and the bartender was very  kind to offer one of the stouts on the house.

O’Connor Brewing Company, Norfolk, VA

2018-07-20 17.59.03

I stopped in at O’Connor Brewing Company in Norfolk, Virginia with my family on the way home from vacation in Virginia Beach.  We enjoyed dinner at the food truck – great mac and cheese sandwiches, meatloaf sandwich, crab tacos, beer pretzel, I digress.  The two flights at O’Connor set us up well to select beers to accompany dinner.  I especially enjoyed the El Guapo Agve IPA, Kilauea Mango Saison, and Tart Tropic Ale.