3 Floyds, Munster, IN

I stopped in at 3 Floyds Brewing Company in Munster, Indiana for lunch and a beer.  3 Floyds is a wacky place.  Some of the pictures give that away.  But their food and beer isn’t wacky at all!  It’s awesome.  I loved the Brisket Taco which paired perfectly with Alpha King American Pale Ale.  Absolutely delicious.  Just the right amount of hops.  Easy to drink  over and over again.  I also couldn’t leave without trying Quaanto Triple IPA.  At 12% the serving is small but that’s all you need.  This is heavy and delicious and smooth and malty and hoppy and WOW!  But be careful, it drinks easy but packs a serious punch!

Revolution Brewing, Chicago, IL

I stopped in at Revolution Brewing in Chicago, Illinois and tried a few of their beers.  The first one I tried was Fist City, an American Pale Ale.  Very tasty.  As described – crisp – and hoppy.  The next beer I tried was the Ideology ESB.  Good beer.  Not the best ESB I’ve had but good nonetheless.  And, finally, I tried the Anti Hero IPA.  This is my hero!  In fact, I also got a glass from the conference reception I attended tonight and am finishing it while I write this blog post.  Very hoppy!  Very Happy!

Gino’s Brewing Company, Chicago, IL

I stopped in at Gino’s East of Chicago / Gino’s Brewing Company in Chicago, Illinois for dinner and a beer.  I started with the crispy Brussels sprouts appetizer and Pineapple Imposter American Pale Ale.  The Brussels sprouts were tasty and the beer was good, quite good, but personally I didn’t get any pineapple flavor.  I then ordered a small deep dish pizza and the Broken English ESB – both awesome!  Delicious pizza and delicious beer.  two perfect comfort foods.  Everyone seeking deep dish pizza in Chicago needs to go to Gino’s and everyone seeking craft beer in Chicago needs to go to Gino’s.  Let’s just say everyone needs to go to Gino’s!

Goose Island Beer Company, Chicago, IL

I stopped in at Goose Island Beer Company (the Goose Island Clybourn Brewpub) in Chicago, Illinois for dinner and a beer. I enjoyed a fish taco and the spring salad.  Both were tasty.  With some guidance from the bartender I decided to try the Snead Porter, an English Brown Porter, which was delicious – malty, caramelly, yummy!. And I had a small pour of the Adaniversary ESB which was quite tasty but much more hoppy than any ESB I’d ever had before.  Goose Island is definitely a brewery stop you want to make when in Chicago!

The Actual Brewing Company, Columbus, OH

I stopped in at The Actual Brewing Company in  Columbus, Ohio.  It’s not easy to locate.  But it’s worth the stop.  Fat Julian Imperial Stout is amazing.  It’s rich in chocolate flavor.  Well worth  the time spent looking for it!

I stopped in again and found tremendous progress.  I tasted Thermal Conductor Habanero IPA.  This must be the HOTTEST beer I’ve ever tasted.  I could have  gone with this.  Really.  I’m not weak.  But, it was late.  I wasn’t in the mood.  And, the bartender recommended the Wiener-Munchen Festival Lager which was delicious.  Smooth.  Malty.  Perfect for my mood and the time of day.  Relaxing.  Can’t wait to stop back again!

Land Grant Brewing Company, Columbus, OH

I stopped in at Land Grant Brewing Company in Columbus, Ohio.  I took the opportunity to call into a conference call and catch up on some e-mail.  While there I enjoyed the Session 71 session IPA and the Son of a Mudder Brown Ale.  Wow!  Both were great.  And the bartender was really nice and helped me decide which beers and accommodated my working right at the bar.  Great experience.  I’d stop in here again!