Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte, NC

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I stopped in at Sycamore Brewing in Charlotte, North Carolina for a sandwich and a beer.  The pressed focaccia cheddar grilled cheese sandwich was delicious.  And the Serendipity Vanilla session ale I enjoyed with it was also delicious.  I highly recommend the food and the beer.  I also tried the bourbon barrel aged huckleberry pie brown ale.  Also delicious.  I highly recommend Sycamore Brewing to everyone in Charlotte and hope I have the chance to return.

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Birdsong Brewing Company, Charlotte, NC

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I stopped in at the Birdsong Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina and experienced the Jalapeno Pale Ale which was unique, spicy, and refreshing.  I would highly recommend this beer to anyone who enjoys jalapeno flavor.  And, it’s not hot!  I also enjoyed the ample supply of peanuts in the shell to enjoy with the beer.  I highly recommend Birdsong for a beer when in Charlotte, NC.

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NoDa Brewing Company, Charlotte, NC

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I stopped in at NoDa Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina and enjoyed some beer and a tour.  The Salted Caramel Stout was smooth and sweet.  And the Sucette A L’abricot was light and refreshing.  Also, the Experimental Hop Project was a great citrusy hop forward selection.  I greatly enjoyed all of the selections I tried.  The tour was delightful and offered a walk-through of the brewery including a discussion of each brewing process along the way.

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The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Charlotte, NC

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I stopped in at The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The atmosphere is German bierhall and biergarten.  It’s a great place.  I tried a flight of beers.  The Fat Boy Baltic Porter was just as I had hoped.  Smooth, malty, caramelly. The Copper Amber Ale is a great mix of malty smoothness and a little bite.  I was pleasantly surprised with the Hornet’s Nest Hefeweizen.  This was crisp and enjoyable.  Finally, the Radler, a mix of Captain Jack Pilsner and Sprite (lemon soda) reminded me of the Radler I had in Munich decades ago.  Delicious!

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Sugar Creek Brewing Company, Charlotte, NC

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I stopped in at Sugar Creek Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I really enjoyed this brewery.  The bartender was very nice and helpful.  The tap room was a comfortable place to hang out.  I tasted the Framboise raspberry wit.  This was really light and refreshing.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Dubbel which was every bit dark, mysterious and dangerous as stated on the beer list.

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The Unknown Brewing Company, Charlotte, NC

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I stopped in at The Unknown Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina.  When I saw Ginger What, wheat beer with real ginger, I had to try it.  I love ginger, especially real ginger ale.  Ginger What really delivered.  It was fresh and tart.  I recommend it.  And to make the experience there complete, the bartender told me of all the local breweries and drew me a map of their locations.  How cool is that.

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Bullfrog Brewery, Williamsport, PA

2015-03-27 19.30.43

I stopped in at the Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for dinner and enjoyed The Burgh salad with steak, which was fabulous.  The steak was wonderful.  Also split the Sliced Pretzel Log. The mustard dipping sauce was great.  Along with the food I enjoyed Edgar IPA which was a very drinkable IPA that I enjoyed greatly.  I tasted the Smoked Cherry Sour which was exactly that smoky, cherry and sour.  And I had a bit of the Stout for dessert.  All beers were very good.