Lowertown Brewery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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I stopped in at Lowertown Brewery for dinner and a beer.  I enjoyed a bowl of delicious fresh chili and paired it with the seasonal Pumpkin Ale.  I’ve enjoyed a number of pumpkin ales and I really liked this one.  It’s not too strong on the pumpkin and it has a nice slightly sweet taste along with some hints of spices.  Well done and well worth the stop for me.

Clocktower Brew Pub, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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I stopped in at Clocktower Brew Pub in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for a snack and a beer.  The pretzel appetizer was tasty.  I enjoyed the Wisharts ESB and tasted the Clocktower Red.  The ESB is a solid example of the ESB style.  Smooth and very drinkable.  The Red was complex.  A variety of hops and other seasonings make this a very enjoyable beer.  I’m hoping to stop back at Clocktower for another Red before I leave town.  I also need to grab a few coasters for my collection.

Adelbert’s Brewery, Austin, TX

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I stopped in at Adelbert’s Brewery in Belgiium – OOPS – Austin, Texas, last night.  While I was sampling their beers I sure felt like I was in Belgium.  Belgian styles are their passion and it shows in every beer.  I especially enjoyed the Tripel B.  It was malty and sweet just as a Belgian Tripel should be.  And it was strong!.  When I mentioned that I was planning to write a blog post, the manager insisted I try every beer on tap.  Honestly, each was delicious. Even the tea they brew to cleanse the palate was tasty.  I wish it were easier to bring beer on a plane, I’d bring some back for my friends at home.  I also wish I had more time to sit back and relax at the outdoor seating area and enjoy the beer but I was on a quick trip in and out of Austin.  I highly recommend this brewery – everyone should stop here.  I hope to the next time I’m in town – and hopefully for a longer stop!

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The Waterfront Brewery, Key West, FL

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I stopped in at The Waterfront Brewery in Key West, Florida.  I tried the Key Lime Witness and really wanted to enjoy it.  Clearly it has notes of key lime but I really wanted more.  It also has other spices including pepper which added to the complexity of the beer but took away from my enjoyment of it.  Not every beer is for every palate.  I did enjoy the Crazy Lady Honey Blonde which was a very enjoyable blonde ale with sweetness of local honey.  I also really enjoyed the Waterfront Brewery setting along the harbor walk in Key West.  Great stop!

Kelly’s Caribbean Bar Grill and Brewery, Key West, FL

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I stopped in at Kelly’s Caribbean Bar Grill and Brewery in Key West, Florida.  Kelly’s has the distinction of being the southernmost brewery in the continental United States.  Since it was happy hour I enjoyed $2 pours of their three flagship beers, Southern Clipper wheat, Havana Red, and Key West Golden ale.  Of the three I enjoyed the Havana Red the most.  If you’re in Key West and walking around Duval Street, Kelly’s is only a block away on Whitehead and worth a stop.  It is also located in the original Pan Am Airlines headquarters building, which is historically cool as well.

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