Huss Brewing Company, Phoenix, AZ

I stopped in at Huss Brewing Company in Phoenix, Arizona to try their beers.  I enjoyed a flight. That’ll Do IPA is just fine.  Koffee Kolsch is a crisp, lighter beer with a delightful coffee taste.  My least favorite was Sour Hussy, but I may not have been in the mood for it. The Barrel Aged Rise of Rio was very nice and the Husstler Milk Stout was creamy – on nitro – smooth and tasty.  I love the mason jars they serve their beer in – bought one for my wife.

2016-04-28 17.01.03

The Perch Pub and Brewery, Chandler, AZ

I had heard that The Perch Pub and Brewery in Chandler, Arizona was different.  Well, that’s an understatement.  I’m not sure where to begin.  The rescued wild birds are fabulous to watch!  That alone in itself is worth the trip.  It’s like an exotic bird zoo.  Then there’s the food.  The fish tacos were the best I’ve ever had.  Then there’s the bartender.  E is the best bartender ever.  He’s awesome.  And the whole reason I stopped is the beer.  I had a flight: Paleyeah! is a solid pale ale / Desert Blossom Saison is very tasty – one of the best saisons I’ve had and possibly my favorite / Rosemary IPA – if you like rosemary – YES – if not – NO / Belgian Peach – delicious – sweet – peachy goodness / Velocirazter Gose – tart, salty, raspberry refreshing goodness / Stirabout Oatmeal Stout – a happy ending.  Very few flights are all good – this one was.  Excellent.

2016-04-28 14.25.21

The Shop Beer Company (formerly Cartel Brewery) Phoenix, AZ

I tried to stop in at Cartel Brewing but was informed that it is now The Shop Beer Company in Phoenix, Arizona.  I tried all four beers plus their imperial IPA.  Very nice!  I especially liked the Tangerine Radler 480 and Grapefruit DPA.  I love the fruity, fresh, tart flavor in the beer.  The imperial IPA was solid.  The Biere De Garde was very well done but not my style.  And the Coffee Brown Ale was simply delicious.  Very well done and well worth the stop. Making the stop even better, the bartender/brewer was great to talk to and shared info on two other breweries that were not on my list, Blasted Barley and Pedal Haus.  So, that increased my stops for the evening.

Papago Brewing Company, Phoenix, AZ

I stopped in at Papago Brewing Company in Phoenix, Arizona and tried a flight of their beers.  Each one was perfect. Orange Blossom had a light, crisp taste flavored with orange and vanilla.  Coconut Joe was an absolutely delicious coconut coffee stout – I’d come back for this alone.  The Hopago IPA was also very good.  And the Oude Zuipers Belgian Strong Ale was spot on.  I enjoyed their white pizza with these beers and enjoyed the food and drink.  Well worth the stop!