Perfect Plain Brewing Company, Pensacola, FL

I stopped in at Perfect Plain Brewing Company in Pensacola, Florida on the way to the airport.  Wow!  Of the over 600 breweries I’ve visited I am most impressed with this start-ups offerings – all of the ones I tried are awesome.

Assembly Old Ale – rich, complex, brown ale; smooth and delicious

Alleyoop Dreams Straberry Lime Gose – yes, fruity, tart, a little salty, easy drinking

Coco Gnar Sweet Stout – think Girl Scout Cookie Samoas in a glass

Farmhouse IPA – hop-heads will delight in this strong IPA

Daddy Smack Pox Milkshake IPA – yes, an IPA with fruit and vanilla and a milky feel, delicious for those with an open mind

Double A Citrus Pal Ale – a citrus-forward pale ale that is so easy to drink and so interesting with citrus notes

Over Easy Breakfast Stout – so rich with vanilla and cinnamon and coffee – a great way to start the day – breakfast of brewmasters

I sampled the others as well.  Never have I seen a brewery this size with so many home run beers.  Congratulations!

2018-07-13 12.17.18

Commonwealth Brewing Company, Virginia Beach, VA

I stopped in at Commonwealth Brewing Company in Virginia Beach, Virginia on the way to vacation.  I was with the entire family and we wanted to try their beers and purchase some to bring to the vacation rental.  We enjoyed three flights.

Some of our favorites were Limoncello, Bizango, and Guatavita.  Limoncello had a tasty lemon flavor but was not in cans or available for crowlers.  Bizango is quite the triple IPA.  Guatavita is a solid IPA.

We also bought cans of Big Papi Double IPA and Marvolo Stout, both of which did not disappoint when we enjoyed later.


Granville Island Brewing, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I stopped in at Granville Island Brewing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I tried a flight of four beers.  I tried the False Creek Raspberry Ale, Maple Shack Cream Ale, Infamous IPA and Lions Summer Ale.  I enjoyed the raspberry ale.  I was hoping my non-beer-drinker wife would also enjoy but she did not like it as much as I did.  I wanted more maple flavor in the maple cream ale – but I also realize most people don’t – so it’s me and not the beer.  Infamous IPA is very nice.  Lions Summer Ale had a nice fresh citrus flavor to it.  I enjoyed all of the beers.  Hope I get a chance to stop in again some day.

Steamworks Brewing Company, Vancouver, BC

I stopped in at Steamworks Brewing Company in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I enjoyed dinner there and a flight of four beers with my wife and a coworker.  The beers were delicious and so was the salad.  We all enjoyed our food and drinks.  The food service was really slow.  But they comp-ed our salads.  The Steak and Stilton Salad was really nice.  I enjoyed their Kolsch, Marzen,  Flagship IPA,  and Smash.  The Kolsch and Marzen were tasty but the Flagship IPA was my favorite.  It’s fresh and hoppy but not overboard.

2018-05-29 18.39.15

Bolt Brewery, San Diego, CA

I stopped in at Bolt Brewery in San Diego, California on my way to the airport.  This was a great last stop.  I enjoyed the Mahi Tacos very much and they paired well with both the ESB and the Batch 24 IPA.  I enjoyed Bolt Brewery so much I also purchased a t-shirt to remember my time there.  And, I’m eager for my next visit to San Diego to return.  Great beer and great food.