Olde Mother Brewing, Frederick, MD

I stopped in at Olde Mother Brewing in Frederick, Maryland after the Maryland Craft Beer Festival.  My son and I had volunteered at the festival and then tasted some of the available beers.  Terry Lynn, a lemon vanilla cream ale offered by Olde Mother Brewing was one of the best beers there – in my humble opinion.  We also enjoyed their Impressionist IPA and Snarly Yow Coffee Porter.  These beers were so delicious we brought home a crowler of each!

Jailbreak Brewing Company, Laurel, MD

I stopped in at Jailbreak Brewing Company in Laurel, Maryland for lunch and a beer.  I  enjoyed a cheesesteak and fries from Jeno’s Steaks tent in the parking lot.  In terms of the beers, Imperial Carrot Cake was tasty and true to its name. Maple Ridge amber ale was also sweet, smooth and malty.  White Russian coffee cream ale is a delight.  Although there are many coffee stouts there are few coffee cream ales.  This is light and tasty.  Welcome to Scoville Jalapeno IPA is spicy and hoppy – a great mix – and paired perfectly with the heavy cheesesteak and fries.  Jailbreak is a great place to stop.

I also recently enjoyed Poor Righeous IPA with dinner at a restaurant and really enjoyed it.  And this evening I enjoyed The Infinite amber ale with dinner at a restaurant and enjoyed it as well.