Coastal Empire Beer Company, Savannah, GA

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There are two reasons I write this blog.  The first is that I love craft beer.  The second is that I love meeting the people who make craft beer.  This is a story about both reasons.  When I recently traveled to Savannah, Georgia for business I contacted a few breweries that offered hours only on days I would not be in town.  I heard from one brewery that they would not be able to accommodate a visit from me.  However when I reached out to Coastal Empire Beer Company, the co-founder, Kevin Haborak, told me that I was welcome to drop by.  So, I did.  Today, on the way back to the airport.

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Kevin arranged for his brother Chris to meet me, show me around, and allow me to taste practically everything on tap.  These guys make awesome beer.  Let me try to step you through a few of these.  The Savannah Brown is a delicious brown ale, caramelly, sweet, malty, solid and very drinkable.  The sort of brown ale you’d drink several of, especially say in the fall when there’s a slight chill in the air.  The barrel aged version of this is like putting it on steroids.  Wow!  The flavor from the barrels makes it all that much richer.  This puts it in the category of a sipping beer that I would enjoy after dinner instead of dessert, in a snifter.  Perfect.  Going a completely different direction is the Tybee Island Blonde Ale.  This is a great option for hot summer days.  Cans of this are perfect for the beach.  One of these after cutting the lawn would be perfect.  I also tried a pineapple, coconut and sea salt gose which is basically a secret weapon.  Wow!  This beer is off the hook!  Its sweet and salty and tart all at the same time.  My tastebuds were all over the place.  Let me wrap with Dawn Patrol.  Think Imperial Stout.  Think Chocolatey goodness.  Think Mole.  Think Peppery Spices.  Wrap all four of those together.  KaBam!  This is crazy good.

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If you line in Savannah or are visiting Savannah you must stop in here.  There’s at least one beer for every person’s tastebuds.  You will love this beer.  I need to figure out how to get distribution north to Maryland.  The rest of the country needs these beers.  Chris and Kevin, thank you for taking the time to meet with me.  Thanks for the snifter.  I will eagerly anticipate drinking Dawn Patrol from it in the comfort of my own home some day.  And, I’m hoping to bring my wife to Savannah at some point and will definitely stop in to see you when I do.  Keep up the great work!

Moon River Brewing Company

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I stopped in at Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, Georgia for dinner and a beer.  I started with the Boo Hag Black IPA which was a good black IPA.  Refreshing, drinkable, hoppy and delicious.  For dinner I enjoyed shrimp and sausage creole which was delicious.  And I finished the evening with Taterlicious sweet potato beer which was good.  I think I was looking for more flavor in this beer but it was smooth and mild.  the glass rimmed with honey and brown sugar was tasty.

Chilly Water Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN

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I stopped in at Chilly Water Brewing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana for a beer.  As my past stop in the evening, something sweet was in order.  The Peter Paul Chocolate Coconut Porter was perfect.  And , I may have had one of Skip’s Balls – dark chocolate – as well.  The beer was sweet and tasty.  I could definitely taste all elements: chocolate and coconut.  It was a perfect after dinner drink.  Delicious!

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St. Joseph Brewery & Public House, Indianapolis, IN

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I stopped in at St. Joseph Brewery & Public House in Indianapolis, Indiana for dinner and a beer.  I tasted the Benevolent Belgian Blond and the Pew Buster Double IPA but I stayed with the Confessional IPA to enjoy with dinner which was the Claus’ German Sausage Sampler.  The two beers I tasted were great, but the IPA was outstanding.  And that name, Confessional IPA.  Of course, the brewery and restaurant are located in a former church building.  It is pretty cool to be sitting inside the building having a meal and a beer.  I highly recommend the food and beer.

Two DEEP Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN

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Last night I walked from Indianapolis City Center to Two DEEP Brewing Company.  The walk put me over 10,000 steps for the day and enabled me to enjoy two great beers.  KnightStick Cream Ale is a solid, drinkable beer.  It is on the lighter side which makes it easy to drink.  Sitting back watching the game, it was a great beer to enjoy.  The beer that got me really enthusiastic was They’ve Gone to PLAID! Scotch Ale!  Sweet and malty and caramel, this is one tasty beer.  I’d make the walk here again to enjoy this beer again.  You’ve got to try it.

Daredevil Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN

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I stopped in at Daredevil Brewing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana on my way from the airport to downtown.  The Lift Off IPA is one of the best, maybe the best IPA I’ve ever tasted.  Very drinkable.  Enough hops to be hoppy but not too hoppy.  Delicious.  I also enjoyed a taste of the JWP American Stout.  Rich.  Creamy.  Smooth.  The taproom is a great spot to hang out.  I look forward to stopping in again.