Orpheus Brewing, Atlanta, GA

I stopped in at Orpheus Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia and was really blown away by their barrel aged beers.  They have a great solid lineup of beers.  Their barrel aged ones had so many varieties and flavor characteristics and all that i tasted were delicious.  Stouts all the way down 2 with the fall spices tasted like a spice cake and was perfect this time of year.  The Ferryman with coffee and cocoa flavors also is tremendous!

2019-10-24 20.50.14


Torched Hop Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA

I stopped in at Torched Hop Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia for dinner and a beer.  The Brussels Sprouts on the tasting menu are delicious and the Granny Smith Apple Salad was a perfect and healthy dinner option.  And, I had a hard time identifying a singe beer so I tried a flight.  I really enjoyed the PowerThirst Pina Colada Kettle Sour – the pina colada flavor comes through and its a crisp and refreshing beer.  And the Citrageddon Fresh Hop Pale Ale is an awesome hop-forward pale ale.  Great food and great beers!

Summit Brewing Company, St. Paul, MN

I stopped in at Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Their Cranky Woodsman Nut Brown Ale is a really nice brown ale with rich flavors.  It has just a hint of smoky flavor.  Now, smoke is one of my personal least favorite flavors in beer, however, this is so subtle I really enjoyed it.  The Ratskeller is pretty sizeable and does also have an outdoor patio.  The food truck looked good but I had already eaten.

2019-10-20 16.30.36

Bald Man Brewing, Eagan, MN

I stopped in at Bald Man Brewing in Eagan, Minnesota.  The brewery is not too far from the Minneapolis airport.  Stopping in was the first thing I did upon leaving the airport.  For a Sunday afternoon there was a nice size group of people in the brewery, some were watching sports, all were enjoying good beer.  I tried the Spirit in the Sky Strawberry Rhubarb Ale.  This was refreshing and both tart and sweet.  I really liked the Tupelo Honey Brown Ale.  Sweet and malty and delicious.  I also felt compelled to purchase a t-shirt for a good friend who is bald, enjoys good beer and brews occasionally.