Cabin Boys Brewery, Tulsa, OK

I stopped in at Cabin Boys Brewery in Tulsa Oklahoma.  The bartender recommended The Hallows Tripel and I also just had to try the Bearded Theologian Quad.  Delicious and Delicious.  I don’t drink a lot of Belgian ales but these were outstanding and make me want more.  Both complex, sweet, malty and solid.  These would go great with food and would keep you warm on a cold winter night.

Renaissance Brewing Company, Tulsa, OK

I stopped in at Renaissance Brewing Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma to try their beers.  I tried their Bold Gold a Belgian Golden Strong ale which is exactly what it says it is.  Belgian, so you get the sweetness associated with that.  A very solid beer.  And I also tried the Dragons Breath with jalapeno peppers.  Hot.  This is a great beer.  You need to be prepared for the heat.  I was.  And I loved it.  I wish I had more time to enjoy this more slowly with chips or some food.  Would have been awesome.

Trans Canada Brewing Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I stopped in at Trans Canada Brewing Company  in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for a beer and their pizza (which had been recommended by several other folks at breweries in town.  Both the beer and pizza were amazing.  Their pizza is made ad Timmy Tom’s Pizzeria right inside the brewery.  Great marriage of pizza and beer.  I enjoyed the Fungi Pizza – mushrooms, herbs, smoked gouda, pancetta – WOW!

I paired the pizza with Amarillo IPA which was perfect.  The beer cut the richness of the pizza.  Absolutely delicious beer.  Hoppy and contrasting with the pizza.  Great combination.  I’d love to try other beer – pizza combinations here.

I also broke down and bought myself a touque – look that up my American friends – I should have bought one sooner because it was so cold here in Winnipeg.  And I bought a running shirt which I’ll need soon to burn off the winter calories.

Stone Angel Brewing Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I stopped in at Stone Angel Brewing Company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Great beers, great people, great place.  I enjoyed Kaiser Bill IPA and Luther’s Folly Kolsch Blonde Ale.  Their IPA is an east coast IPA so its not overpowering with hops.  Very easy to drink.  Their Kolsch Blonds Ale is fabulous.  So smooth, full bodied and flavorful.  I wish I could get cans of this back home.  I enjoyed chatting with the owner and bartender and had a great time relaxing and enjoying just being there.

I also love the Martin Luther quote on the coasters and growlers.  If I weren’t traveling internationally I’d have purchased a growler to take home just for the quote.  Maybe some day they’ll have the quote on t-shirts and I can come back and buy one of those with another beer.

Brazen Hall Kitchen and Brewery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I stopped in at Brazen Hall Kitchen and Brewery in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Their Jarpur Amber Ale was $5 for a pint so that determined my beer selection.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Smooth, malty goodness and warming on a very cold night.  I would have liked to have eaten  dinner here but had been tipped off to another location for dinner so I held off.  If I ever make it back to Winnipeg I’ll try dinner here.