Flying Bison Brewing Company, Buffalo, NY

I stopped in at Flying Bison Brewing Company in Buffalo, New York.  The bartender recommended Bisonfest, which is their version of Oktoberfest, and I found too be delicious.  It is malty with complexity and familiarity  with several types of malts.  And the hops are just enough to balance out the malts and keep it from being sweet.   I also tried Rusty Chain which  is also delicious.  Again , a complex malt bill with enough hops to keep it from being sweet.  Great beers!

Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, Buffalo, NY

I stopped in at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery after a long walk in Buffalo New York and wasn’t sure what to try.  The bartender gave me a few samples and I landed on the Lighthouse Golden Ale.  LIGHT BEER?  YES!  LIGHT BEER!  And FABULOUS LIGHT BEER at that.  I could drink this all day and I never drink light beer.  And I’m sure my waistline thanks me for this too.  I enjoyed every drop while watching the Buffalo Sabres win last night.  Great beer and great spot to enjoy a beer.

12 Gates Brewing Company, Williamsville, NY

I stopped in 12 Gates Brewing Company in Williamsville, New York to try their beers.  After consulting with the bartender I learned that their West Coast IPA is their flagship.  Despite being somewhat bored with IPAs I gave it a try.  I’m glad I did.  It was really good.  And, if I were going to have an IPA this is one I’d want to have.  Thoroughly enjoyable.  Wonderfully hoppy but not overboard.  And, not resiny like some IPAs.  Delicious!

Buffalo Brewpub, Williamsville, NY

I stopped in at the Buffalo Brewpub in Williamsville, New York for lunch.  Their Buffalo Chicken Salad was the best I’ve ever had.  Surprise, Surprise.  Buffalo Chicken in Buffalo.  And I can see why their Amber Ale is their flagship.  Its delicious. Many Amber Ales can tend to be blah.  This has flavor.  It is malty and a little hoppy.  Perfect balance.  Just a bit of additional spice flavor to give it some backbone.  I loved it.

Pizza Port, Ocean Beach, CA

I stopped in at Pizza Port in Ocean Beach, California.  I threw caution to the wind and had a slice of pizza – mind you, I haven’t had carbs in four months and have dropped 50 pounds – and it was delicious!  I did also have a big kale salad as well.  Their Jetty IPA was a perfect pairing.  I need to drop another 50 before I’m back in the area again so I can have another slice!

2017-10-03 13.41.26 HDR

Half Door Brewing Company, San Diego, CA

I stopped in at Half Door Brewing Company in San Diego, California for dinner.  The Victorian house they occupy right down the in Gaslamp District near Petco park is wonderful.  It feels like the Irish pub that it emulates.  Their food and beer are delightful.  I enjoyed the Hanger Steak and my wife said the Scottish Salmon was one of the best dinners she’d ever had.  Roark Red Ale is a malty treat that paired well with dinner.  And rather than dessert, their Gimmick Ale did not disappoint as an after-dinner drink.  Think golden stout with hints of white chocolate and peanut butter.  Like a white chocolate peanut butter cup in a glass.

2017-10-01 18.45.29

Coronado Brewing Company, Coronado, CA

2017-09-30 19.08.36

I stopped in at Coronado Brewing Company in Coronado, California and enjoyed their Guava Islander Tropical IPA.  I enjoy IPA’s and I really enjoy guava.  Combining these two is a real treat.  And, my wife, who typically doesn’t like beer, tasted this and liked it.  There’s nothing wrong with that.

I returned (3/29/18) with industry colleagues for dinner.  The Grilled Wahoo Fish Tacos are delicious!  Their Coco Chaos IPA was delightful!  I solid IPA with a hint of coconut flavor.  Enough coconut to taste it but not overpowering.  Great beer!