Karbach Brewing Company, Houston, TX

I stopped in at Karbach Brewing Company in Houston, Texas for dinner and a beer.  Their fish tacos were excellent.  And all of the beers I tried were also excellent.  And, I want to give a shout out to my great bartender.  Not sure whar her name was but she was very kind and helpful.  Their Zee German Pils was light bodied and easy to drink.  Their Weekend Warrior Pale Ale was solid.  Just a bit hoppy and flavorful.  Mother in Lager was rich and malty.  5th Anniversary Quintuple IPA was the closest thing I’ve had to Dogfish 120 – rich IPA!.  And the BBH bourbon barrel series.  You  just have to say bourbon and you have my attention.  The BBH with Cherries and the Secret Beer aged in bourbon barrels were both rich and delicious dessert drinks.  What a great line-up!

Urban South Brewery, New Orleans, LA

I stopped in at  Urban South Brewery in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Getting there gave me a good opportunity for a long walk after a day long workshop in New Orleans.  After sizing up the beers on tap I  decided to go with the Holy Roller IPA.  Hey, I’m a holy roller, why not?  And it’s been a while since I’ve had an entire IPA.  I’ve been branching out into other styles.  I found Holy Roller to be quite good.  Hoppy but not overboard.  Not heavy or resiny.  Very nice to drink and enjoy.  I wish I liked crawfish.  There was a company selling coked crawfish and many locals were enjoying them.  Quite a large group – lots of energy.