City Acre Brewing Company, Houston, TX

I stopped in at City Acre Brewing Company in Houston, Texas for a late bite to eat and a beer.  Their TXPA Pale Ale is delicious.  I rarely do this but I’ll make a comparison.  It’s not as hoppy as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which I enjoy, but is very flavorful, citrusy, and drinkable.  I really enjoyed it.  And, it paired wonderfully with Rick’s Rolls – pork barbecue and cole slaw egg rolls.  And the cabbage slaw that came with it was also awesome.  I also tried the Bellington Imperial Red.  Where was that back in MD on St. Patrick’s Day?  If you’re in Houston please do stop in at City Acre.  Great indoor/outdoor vibe.  Owner and brewmaster Matt was pouring last night.  He’s an awesome guy to chat with.  Very helpful and engaging.  He’s doing an awesome job.  Stop in and support him.

Under the Radar Brewery, Houston, TX

I stopped in at Under the Radar Brewery in Houston, Texas late one night.  As it turned out I was the only customer.  This gave me a wonderful opportunity to discuss craft beer with the bartender for an enjoyable extended time.  And, all the while, I enjoyed Radar Love, a light but well hopped wheat beer.  Tasty.  The bartender and I didn’t solve the craft beer industry’s problems but we sure tried.  And that’s what you should do.  You  should try a beer at Under the Radar Brewery.  I recommend Radar Love.  And, of course, one of my favorite rock songs is also Radar Love by Golden Earring (especially the drum solo by Ginger Baker).

Eureka Heights Brewing Company, Houston, TX

I stopped in at the Eureka Heights Brewing Company in Houston, Texas.  As usual I discussed the beer options with the bartender.  We reached the mutual conclusion that I needed to try a flight.  This turned out to be a great option.  All of the beers were tasty.  I’ll focus on two of them.  I especially enjoyed the Wicket Awesome ESB – I love a good ESB and this was good.  Just the right amount of malty sweetness balanced with the bitterness of the hops.  Delicious.  And, I loved Moo Caliente Spiced Milk Stout.  YUM!  Chocolatey with a spicy kick.  The cream ale was more substantial and hoppy than I’m used to but was tasty.  Both the pale and IPA were also good.  As you can see, I emptied all glasses.


High Branch Brewing Company, Concord, NC

I stopped in at High Branch Brewing Company in Concord, North Carolina.  When I reviewed the beer list I had to try the Imposter Golden Stout.  Imposter is a good name for this.  I wonder how many people, blindfolded, would assume this to be a regular stout.  It’s delicious, smooth, with most typical stout characteristics.  Just a bit lighter.  But I had to try the Yucatan Stout.  The vanilla came through first, then the cinnamon.  The pepper lingered with me for a good half hour after I’d left the brewery, leaving this wonderful tang on my palate that I enjoyed and reminisced over this tasty beer.


Cabarrus Brewing Company, Concord, NC


I stopped in at Cabarrus Brewing Company in Concord, North Carolina.  With the help of the bartenders I checked out the beer list.  Decisions, Decisions.  I tried the ESB.  Tasty.  Malty, Hoppy, Bitter, very nice.  At the recommendation of the bartender I tried the Vanilla Coffee Blonde.  Stop right there.  Delicious.  Sweet.  Coffee.  Vanilla.  Forget Starbucks, I’d drink this for breakfast every day.


By the time I thought to take a picture, well, they were empty.  Sorry!


Blue Blaze Brewing Company, Charlotte, NC

I stopped in at Blue Blaze Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina for a beer.  I tried the Blue Blaze Altbier which was really crisp and refreshing.  The bartender pointed out that #NPS100 Irish Red Ale had just been tapped today so I gave that a try and decided to go with a full pour.  It was a malty and hoppy delicious beer.  Full of flavor and body.  I tried a sample of the Scotch Ale and enjoyed it but felt it tasted a bit boozy for my taste.

I met some guys at the bar who were also brewery visitors.  They were pumped at having visited 300 breweries.  Which is quite an accomplishment.  When I told them I’d been to over 500 I’m not sure if they believed me or not.  But we had a good time talking about several brewery favorites we had visited.


Wooden Robot Brewery, Charlotte, NC

I stopped in at Wooden Robot Brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina for a beer.  The brewery has a great vibe.  Indoor and outdoor seating. Lots of locals and great energy.  They also have food available from the Twisted Eats Food Truck (but I had already eaten).  Looking at the beer list:

…I decided to go with Universal Automation, their sour golden ale.  It is delicious.  It had a good sour bite, but not too sour.  It is crisp and refreshing.