Ghost River Brewing Company, Memphis, TN

I stopped in at Ghost River Brewing Company in Memphis, Tennessee.  Let me just say this up front.  I have failed – failed to record specific beer names that is.  The toasted marshmallow stout (made with peeps?) Oh  My  Goodness.  This beer is so delicious who needs dessert.  And then, on top of that the P. S. I  Love You Imperial Brown on Palo Santo Wood.  Let’s talk.  I’ve enjoyed the Dogfish beer made in Palo Santo barrels.  It’s darker and richer and stronger.  This beer is sweeter and coconutty – is that a word?  Well, it’s also delicious.  I enjoyed the other beers but these stood out to me.

Crosstown Brewing Company, Memphis, TN

I stopped in at Crosstown Brewing Company in Memphis, Tennessee.  Unfortunately, I got there right after the bar had closed.  Fortunately, the bartender was able to sell me a four-pack of Tator Doppelbock Lager.  Unfortunately, while I was enjoying one in the picnic area the brewery staff informed me that I could not consume take-away beer on premises.  Fortunately, I was able to bring the remaining cans to my hotel for later consumption – like now.

Cool Springs Brewery, Franklin, TN

I stopped in at Cool Springs Brewery in Franklin, Tennessee for dinner and a beer.  Their fish and chips was wonderful.  I’m glad I went with the small portion.  It was plenty of food.  The chips were great plank fries and the fish was expertly fried.  I tried two beers.  Their Pecker Wrecker IPA was tasty, a bit resiny for my palate but good nevertheless.  Their Fatback Amber was very tasty and perfectly paired with the fish and chips.  This made for an ideal dinner.  I highly recommend this place for dinner and beer.

Tailgate Beer, Nashville, TN

I stopped in at Tailgate Beer in Nashville, Tennessee and enjoyed a flight of beers.  Their Watermelon Wheat was tasty but I was hoping for more watermelon flavor.  Their Fall Wit was an enjoyable beer – mild in flavor.  Grapefruit IPA was also good but again I wanted more grapefruit flavor.  The Peanut Butter Milk Stout was smooth and delicious.  Just the right amount of peanut butter.  This was the last beer I tasted and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also enjoyed the large hosue salad from their kitchen.  Their pizzas looked tasty but that would have been too heavy for me at that time.  The brewery is a great place and well worth a visit!