16 Mile Brewery Georgetown, DE

2017-08-12 13.19.02

I stopped in at 16 Mile Brewery in Georgetown, Delaware on the way to Bethany Beach, Delaware for family vacation.  Several family members tried beers.  Baby’s lunch was good.  I really loved Gutentart, but I’m somewhat of an outlier enjoying sour beers.  Seed Free & Joy was the favorite of beers we tried and we bought a sixpack to bring along for vacation.  The tasting room was pretty busy, with one group having pizza delivered to them right there.  The outdoor fire pit area looked really cool.  I’m looking forward to saving one of the Delaware state map caps for my beer bottle cap map.

Aardwolf Brewing Company, Jacksonville, FL

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I stopped in at Aardwolf Brewing Company in Jacksonville, Florida.  I sampled a few of their beers.  The Bees?! Saison is very good.  The Belgian Pale Ale is very good.  The San Marco Sour is very good if you like sour style beers.  And, my favorite of the evening was Ermah Gourd the Pumpkin Ale – it had enough pumpkin flavor to be a pumpkin ale but not too much to be overpowering.  Great balance.  Great beers.  I enjoyed them all so much that I bought a sweatshirt to bring home with me.

Green Room Brewing, Jacksonville Beach, FL

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I stopped in at Green Room Brewing in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  Each beer in the flight I enjoyed was delicious.  I enjoyed Double Dry Hopped Pablo Beach which sounds like a hop-bomb but is actually a very nicely balanced pale ale with hop character; also Tsunami which is a very nice saison with peppercorn accents; and Barista Volcanista a stout with many complex flavors going on; and my clear favorite was Key Lime Berliner, a sour Weiss beer which tasted like a slice of key lime pie – delicious.  The Key Lime Berliner alone is worth stopping for.

Lenny Boy Brewing Company, Charlotte, NC

2015-04-30 18.32.14     2015-04-30 18.38.43

I stopped in at Lenny Boy Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina and tried both the beer and the kombucha.  I enjoyed the Mirage Belgian Tripel and also the Tart De La Wit Sour Beer.  Both of these were fine beers.  I recommend them both.  A great example of a Belgian Tripel and a refreshing sour beer.  Kombucha is a non-alcoholic fermented beverage that’s high in B-vitamins, probiotics, and amino acids.  I really enjoyed the Good Ol Ginger made with real ginger.  Both tart and sweet.  Lenny Boy Brewing Company is a great place to stop in Charlotte.

2015-04-30 18.36.31     2015-04-30 18.36.27

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