Fremont Brewing, Seattle, WA

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I did a double-take at Fremont Brewing when I saw the ice box.  Wow.  A blast from the past.  Very cool!  No pun intended.  I stopped in for a beer and enjoyed the Cask Summer Ale with the taste of juniper.  Very nice.  The Rye Saison was spicy as I like it.  Pilsner was refreshing.  In all, some great beers and a great place to enjoy them.

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Elysian Brewing Company, Seattle, WA

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I stopped in at Elysian Brewing Company for lunch and a beer.  The salmon patty burger was delicious along with the sweet potato fries – I highly recommend this.  In terms of the beers, if I were to recommend one I’d go with Men’s Room Summer Gold.  The bartender recommended this.  I agree.  It is delicious.  Very drinkable.  Pairs well with many types of food.  A great beer for any time.  It goes down smooth and easy.  I tried several of the other beers and they were all tasty.

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The Pike Brewing Company, Seattle, WA

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I stopped in at The Pike Brewing Company in Seattle, Washington and tasted three beers.  The Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale was tasty(malty and sweet).  It was he best of the three to start out with.  The Space Needle Golden IPA was a really tasty IPA.  Not too bitter.  It has a real clean taste.  The best way to describe it is that it tastes golden.  Very nice.  And the Pike Extra Stout was caramelly but also had a bite to it.  For my tastes I liked the IPA best, then the Scotch Ale and finally the Stout.  But all three were delicious.

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