Pigskin Brewing Company, Gahanna, OH

I stopped in at Pigskin Brewing Company near Columbus, Ohio for dinner and a beer (well, a flight of beers, because I couldn’t decide).  Dinner included Tomato Soup and Buffalo Chicken Flatbread.  Both were delicious.  I enjoyed Undefeated IPA, Cream of the Crop Cream Ale, Highland Games Scottish Ale, and Passion Fruit Gose.  I enjoyed these beers.  The gose was my least favorite.  The cream ale is a light and easy drinking beer.  Tasty.  The Undefeated IPA is a solid IPA.  I very much enjoyed the Scottish Ale.  Malty deliciousness.

Sun King Brewery, Indianapolis, IN

I stopped in at Sun King Brewery again this week and Wee Mac Scottish Ale is every bit as good as it was the last time I visited.  Great beer.

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I stopped in at Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis, Indiana and found that they offer free tastings on weekend days – yay!  Of the varieties I tasted, the Wee Mac Scottish Ale was my favorite.  It was malty and delicious.  The Popcorn Pilsner was delicious as well.  Light and refreshing.  Their other beers were very good as well. During the tasting time the brewery had plenty of staff on hand to make it an enjoyable time for everyone.  I was also impressed with the cool artwork inside.  See below.  If you’re in Indianapolis I definitely recommend checking out this brewery.

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Blue Star Brewing Company, San Antonio, TX

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I stopped in at the Blue Star Brewing Company in San Antonio, Texas again.  This time I had fish tacos for dinner – which were excellent!  I also enjoyed the Cinco Peso Pale Ale which was crisp and hoppy but not quite an IPA.  And I enjoyed the Flying Pig Extra Pale Ale which was very tasty.  Flying Pig is very drinkable.  This is one of those beers you could drink all evening – not that I did, mind you.  In fact, I walked from downtown San Antonio along the Riverwalk to Blue Star Brewing Company and then back downtown, so I figure I walked off most of my dinner.  Any way, back to the beers.  I highly recommend the Flying Pig Extra Pale Ale.  Stop in and try it.  Try the Cinco Peso Pale Ale too!

2014-05-04 11.26.29     2014-05-04 11.39.35

I stopped at the Blue Star Brewing Company in San Antonio, Texas for lunch.  I enjoyed the Chicken Avocado Salad.  And, you guessed it, I sampled some beers.  The Scottish Ale was a very smooth and easy to drink selection.  The Texican Lager was flavorful.  The Pale Ale was a solid go-to ale; smooth and not too hoppy.  The King William Ale is a barley wine and not for the faint of heart.  This is a strong beer.  And I ended with the Spire Stout which was a good choice as this was rich, creamy and smooth.

2014-05-04 12.47.14     2014-05-04 12.47.52

2014-05-04 11.40.06

Avondale Brewing Company, Birmingham, AL

2014-03-10 16.43.29

I stopped in at the Avondale Brewing Company in Birmingham, Alabama and tried a few of their beers.  The Long Branch Scottish Ale is one of their flagship beers and is a wonderful beer.  The Vanillapant Porter is another flagship and is a great vanilla tasting dark beer.  The No Joka Mocha Stout is a rich coffee stout with a strong coffee flavor.  The brewery is a really cool space with an industrial feel to it.

Bristol Brewing Company, Colorado Springs, CO

2013-11-05 12.55.23

I stopped in at the Bristol Brewing Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is no simple task.  You see, the Bristol Brewing Company is located in an old school building which looks nothing like a brewery, so unless you know what you’re looking for you’d be totally lost, which was my experience.  It took me quite a while to figure out what was going on but I eventually realized the Ivywild School housed the brewery.  Once I went inside I realized how cool the place was and appreciated the other shops and restaurants, etc.  The taproom was a cool place and I went on the recommendation of my boss and tried the Laughing Lab Scottish Ale which is a fine, smooth, rich and malty ale.

Beer: I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2

Taproom: I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2