Helton Brewing Company, Phoenix, AZ

I stopped in at Helton Brewing Company in Phoenix, Arizona.  After scanning the tap list I decided to go with the Scotch Style.  I’d call it Scotch Ale.  With all of the attention on sours these days and the countless IPAs out there I often like to go with another style to enjoy.  This beer did not disappoint!  Ths has got to be one of the best Scotch Ales I’ve had.  And, after visiting over 600 breweries I’ve had quite a few.  I wouldn’t have thought Phoenix would be the place I’d be having such a great Scotch Ale.  I think of Phoenix with lighter beers geared toward the hot weather.  I love being surprised.  And I fully enjoyed this beer!

2019-04-07 20.39.23

High Line Brewing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I stopped in at High Line Brewing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  To tell the truth, I showed up past closing time.  The tap room bartender was kind enough to exchange a beer for some cash.  Awesome.  And he even was extra kind to give me some coasters, a sticker and a pin so that my craft brewery swag collection is more complete.  Looking at the tap list I noticed the Smokes Scotch Ale.  I had tried a scotch ale earlier this week at another brewery and enjoyed it and decided to go that direction again.  I don’t do much comparing of beers on this site.  That said I’ll give a few remarks on this beer style.  The scotch ale I had a few days ago was on the sweeter side.  Part of me enjoys that.  However, I believe the Smokes Scotch Ale is more true to this style with a slightly more prominent hop bitterness to it.  I really enjoyed this beer and would love to bring some home but getting it onto an airplane would be a challenge.  The tap room was really cool and I did nose around for a few moments while enjoying my beer.  Since it was so late very few people were still hanging around.  Looks like a cool spot to hang out also with food trucks in the parking lot.  Kudos to you and thanks to the bartender who was so generous to me, a weary traveler, after a long day away from home.

2018-08-29 22.19.06

The Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company, Wausau, WI

Where else would you stop for a Habanero Pork Chop and Scotch Ale?  The Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company in Wausau, Wisconsin, of course!  The server described this special and said it had a kick to it.  My mouth was feeling that kick all the way to Minneapolis!  I loved it because I like spicy, flavorful foods.  The Stone of Scone Scotch Ale was a great complement in that its mildness counteracted the strong spice of the food.  I enjoyed its malty smoothness before my dinner arrived.  After that it was a tug of war in my mouth.  Spicy – Smooth.  Great food and great beer.

Conquest Brewing Company, Columbia, SC

I stopped in at Conquest Brewing Company in Columbia, South Carolina.I really enjoyed a couple of beers on tap.  The Coffee IPA was a delightful blend of bitter flavors – hops and coffee.  I really enjoyed this unique beer.  Old Naps Scotch Ale was a delightful version of this style.  It was wonderfully malty, delicious to drink and would be easy to pair with food.  While I was visiting they were hosting a Soda City Suds Week event – making pottery beer mugs.  I wish I had been in town longer and could have participated because it looked fun.

The Pike Brewing Company, Seattle, WA

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I stopped in at The Pike Brewing Company in Seattle, Washington and tasted three beers.  The Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale was tasty(malty and sweet).  It was he best of the three to start out with.  The Space Needle Golden IPA was a really tasty IPA.  Not too bitter.  It has a real clean taste.  The best way to describe it is that it tastes golden.  Very nice.  And the Pike Extra Stout was caramelly but also had a bite to it.  For my tastes I liked the IPA best, then the Scotch Ale and finally the Stout.  But all three were delicious.

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