Calusa Brewing, Sarasota, FL

I stopped in at Calusa Brewing in Sarasota, Florida to sample their beer.  They had a great number of IPAs, making it difficult to pick just one.  However, after looking at the options I selected Mosaic Shake Double IPA with blueberries, vanilla and lactose.  I was NOT disappointed.  This is a strong beer with great hop bitterness which is tempered slightly with the blueberries.  My friend tried several other of the beers, some of which I tasted.  Great beers and a great place to stop.

JDub’s Brewing Company, Sarasota, FL

I stopped in at JDub’s Brewing Company in Sarasota, Florida.  The first order of business was to place an order with the Smokin’ Momma Lora’s BBQ food truck out front.  Their Buffalo Nachos were awesome.

I ordered a flight of tasters to enjoy with the food.

I loved the Raspberry IPA and The Bell Cow Milk Chocolate Porter.  Both are absolutely awesome.  The Raspberry IPA adds a delightful tart fruity raspberry flavor layered on top of a hoppy IPA.  Wow!  The Milk Chocolate Porter was chocolatey and delicious.  Dessert in a glass.  Great spot for a beer.