Kona Brewing, Kona, Hawaii

I stopped in at Kona Brewing in Kona, Hawaii.  Their flagship beers, Longboard Lager, Big Wave Golden Ale, Castaway IPA, and Fire Rock Pale Ale are no strangers and always delicious.  I found that the Magic Sands Saison was a delicious mango beer and the Hanalei POG IPA was a very drinkable, flavorful IPA.  But, sadly, you’ve got to fly to Kona to enjoy these.  I’m glad I did.  Also, the pizza was wonderful as well.  Kona Brewing is an awesome stop – well worth the trip!!!

The Perch Pub and Brewery, Chandler, AZ

I had heard that The Perch Pub and Brewery in Chandler, Arizona was different.  Well, that’s an understatement.  I’m not sure where to begin.  The rescued wild birds are fabulous to watch!  That alone in itself is worth the trip.  It’s like an exotic bird zoo.  Then there’s the food.  The fish tacos were the best I’ve ever had.  Then there’s the bartender.  E is the best bartender ever.  He’s awesome.  And the whole reason I stopped is the beer.  I had a flight: Paleyeah! is a solid pale ale / Desert Blossom Saison is very tasty – one of the best saisons I’ve had and possibly my favorite / Rosemary IPA – if you like rosemary – YES – if not – NO / Belgian Peach – delicious – sweet – peachy goodness / Velocirazter Gose – tart, salty, raspberry refreshing goodness / Stirabout Oatmeal Stout – a happy ending.  Very few flights are all good – this one was.  Excellent.

2016-04-28 14.25.21

Akasha Brewing Company, Louisville, KY

Akasha Brewing Company I stopped in at Akasha Brewing Company in Louisville, Kentucky with some industry friends to taste a flight of beers.  Akasha Brewing has an industrial/warehouse feel to it.  Although we got there rather late in the evening there were still at least a dozen people still at the brewery in various small groupings.  Clearly Akasha has somewhat of a local following.  Several of the beers on the list I would have loved to have tried but were out at the time.  The Gose was well worth having.  Its salty and sour flavor was distinctive – not for everyone – but a great example of this style.  The DoubleCrush IPA was solid. Piper Smoked Porter was rich and smooth.  The Knaves and Staves Bourdeax Barrel Aged Saison was sweet and smooth – delicious!  And, I loved the taster tulip glasses so much that I bought one to take home – perfect size for a bourbon in the evening.

7 Locks Brewing, Rockville, MD

I stopped in at 7 Locks Brewing in Rockville, Maryland.  My daughter recently moved in to a condo within a couple of blocks from this great brewery.  We stopped in so we could try their beers and so I could buy a couple of growlers for my daughter.  We had a great time.  The beers were tasty.  My wife even liked the Honey Ale and she doesn’t like beer.  My daughter and her boyfriend liked the IPA.  I really liked the Farmhouse Ale.  I also really liked the Coffee Stout.  The other brews were tasty as well, but these were our favorites.  We bought growlers of IPA and Farmhouse Ale.  The growler beers wend well with some Chinese takeout we brought back to her new place for dinner.  7 Locks Brewing has a great vibe – warehouse feel – and my wife, who isn’t as in to  breweries really liked it.  With our daughter now living close by we are looking forward to stopping in often.  A few other details.  The bartender that served us was really nice and really patient.  The brewery also had a feed truck outside – we didn’t try any of the food but it looked good.

Aardwolf Brewing Company, Jacksonville, FL

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I stopped in at Aardwolf Brewing Company in Jacksonville, Florida.  I sampled a few of their beers.  The Bees?! Saison is very good.  The Belgian Pale Ale is very good.  The San Marco Sour is very good if you like sour style beers.  And, my favorite of the evening was Ermah Gourd the Pumpkin Ale – it had enough pumpkin flavor to be a pumpkin ale but not too much to be overpowering.  Great balance.  Great beers.  I enjoyed them all so much that I bought a sweatshirt to bring home with me.

Green Room Brewing, Jacksonville Beach, FL

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I stopped in at Green Room Brewing in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  Each beer in the flight I enjoyed was delicious.  I enjoyed Double Dry Hopped Pablo Beach which sounds like a hop-bomb but is actually a very nicely balanced pale ale with hop character; also Tsunami which is a very nice saison with peppercorn accents; and Barista Volcanista a stout with many complex flavors going on; and my clear favorite was Key Lime Berliner, a sour Weiss beer which tasted like a slice of key lime pie – delicious.  The Key Lime Berliner alone is worth stopping for.

Dewey Beer Company, Dewey Beach, DE

2015-08-16 19.40.17 2015-08-16 19.44.52

I stopped in at Dewey Beer Company in Dewey Beach, Delaware.  Dinner was great – a delicious local crab cake sandwich.  The plaintain nachos were also delicious with chorizo as an appetizer.  When I asked for a flight little did I know that I was getting EIGHT beers.  Wow.  I couldn’t begin to comment on them all.  Let me start by saying the Summer Ale was absolutely delicious – a light grapefruity summer beer.  The pale ale and IPA were also very good.  The saison was wonderful.  and after that I think I lost track of my tastebuds, memory and other senses.  In all I had a great meal and experience at the Dewey Beer Company.  Stop in if you have a chance.

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Fremont Brewing, Seattle, WA

2015-07-22 16.06.01 2015-07-22 16.04.02

I did a double-take at Fremont Brewing when I saw the ice box.  Wow.  A blast from the past.  Very cool!  No pun intended.  I stopped in for a beer and enjoyed the Cask Summer Ale with the taste of juniper.  Very nice.  The Rye Saison was spicy as I like it.  Pilsner was refreshing.  In all, some great beers and a great place to enjoy them.

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