Suburban Brewing Company, Honey Brook, PA

I stopped in at Suburban Brewing Company in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the brewery when I stopped at Jerry’s Pizza Pie for cheesesteak pizza and pepperoni rolls.  Quick shout out to Jerry’s.  Years ago when we had family in the area this was out go to pizza place.  It’s been more than five years since we made it there and so glad we did and what a delicious treat!  So, back to the beer.  Of course I had to try the Willy Scottish Ale – Scottish Export – and I was not disappointed.  It is caramelly and delicious.  It is malty and hoppy in the British sense of hoppy.  Very well done.  I just wish i had brought my growler so I could have brought some home with me.  Also, the arcade there is cool, including the Pac Man mural in the restroom.

2020-01-25 15.23.54

Sterling Pig Brewery, West Chester, PA

I stopped in at Sterling Pig Brewery in West Chester, Pennsylvania for lunch and a beer.  The Pulled Pork Platter was just awesome!  Their barbeque is amazing in addition to their sauces and side dishes.  That Molasses sauce and the Jalapeno sauce – delicious.   My wife had the brisket which was also wonderful.  My brother-in-law had the Snuffler IPA which is very nice.  He’s shared cans of that with me in the past.  I tried This Little Piggy Single Hop Mosaic and Centennial – both great IPAs.  The Le Cochon Noir was so chocolatey that my wife who does not like beer enjoyed it.  And the Gourdfather Imperial Pumpkin Ale was also so tasty that my wife liked that also.  We had a wonderful time there – great vibe and surroundings.  Great place to stop in for food and beers.

Southern Tier Brewing Company, Pittsburgh, PA

I stopped in at Southern Tier Brewing Company‘s brewery and taproom in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for dinner and enjoyed their flight of pumpkin beers and their locally brewed IPAs.  The Shaved Ribeye was delicious.  So was the BBQ platter and chicken power salad enjoyed by family with me.  In terms of beer, pumpkin beer specifically, Pumking sets the standard.  It’s so delicious.  Sweet, rich, spicy, like pumpkin pie in a glass.  I purchased a commemorative t-shirt for myself plus a few four-packs to bring home to share with family and friends.  Their locally brewed IPAs were also delicious.  Fruity, sweet, bitter, perfect.  I loved the mango and guava flavors.  Great outdoor environment and great vibe even on a Tuesday night with no sporting events in either stadium.

Yards Brewing Company, Philadelphia, PA

I stopped in at Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It seemed reasonable to have a flight to check out their beers – which I did.  I enjoyed the beers with dinner – the two meet barbecue board – brisket and ribs.  The food was tasty.  ANd it paired nicely with the beers.  Their Pale Ale is really nice.  It’s a hoppy pale.  Their Extra Special Ale is pretty close to an ESB.  Nice.  Signature IPA is a very drinkable IPA – not over the top hoppy.  But I’m totally in love with Brawler English Mild.  I’ve visited many breweries and very few have an English Mild on tap.  I liked this enough to purchase a six pack that I lugged over a mile back to my hotel (on business travel) and fortunately I drove to Philly so I don’t have to worry about getting it past TSA in an airport.  Brawler is smooth – very smooth.  It’s rich.  It’s mildly caramelly.  It’s light.  It’s so easy to drink.  Delicious.  Well, as it happened I felt urged to get another flight.  I tried Pynk sour berry which was just that sour berry.  Refreshing.  I also tried Post Run Beer – a standard Lager – which my wife enjoyed.  The Nitro Coffee Brawler was nice but seemed like the coffee might need to be stronger.  Not sure.  And Washington’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter was rich and delicious.  Frankly, I think anything aged in bourbon barrels is amazing.  Maybe I’ll be buried in a bourbon barrel. Where did that come from?  Any way, Washington’s Reserve makes for a delightful dessert drink.

2019-06-09 19.43.21 HDR

Barley Creek Brewing Company, Tannersville, PA

I stopped in at Barley Creek Brewing Company in Tannersville, Pennsylvania while on vacation in the Poconos.  Several of the appetizers were really delicious: Hummus dip, Spicy Fried Pickles and Big Pocono Nachos.  All were delicious with a beer.  We tried two flights in order to sample all of the beers on tap.  Our favorite beer was the Too Bitter ESB.  We found this beer to be malty and bitter, a great balance.

Bullfrog Brewery, Williamsport, PA

2015-03-27 19.30.43

I stopped in at the Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for dinner and enjoyed The Burgh salad with steak, which was fabulous.  The steak was wonderful.  Also split the Sliced Pretzel Log. The mustard dipping sauce was great.  Along with the food I enjoyed Edgar IPA which was a very drinkable IPA that I enjoyed greatly.  I tasted the Smoked Cherry Sour which was exactly that smoky, cherry and sour.  And I had a bit of the Stout for dessert.  All beers were very good.

Sly Fox Brewery, Pottstown, PA

2014-10-25 16.50.30     2014-10-25 17.22.54

I stopped in at Sly Fox Brewery and Tastin’ Room for dinner and a tasting flight.  My brother and I split the pork nachos which were outstanding – spicy and filling.  I enjoyed all of the beers I tasted.  I especially enjoyed the Chester County Brown Ale, smooth and full flavored.  I also enjoyed the Phoenix Pal Ale which was an enjoyably hoppy pale ale.  and, I really liked the 360 IPA.  In fact, I liked it so much that I bought a four-pack to bring home.  I’m looking forward to the next time we visit family in the area and stopping in again.

2014-10-25 16.53.52     2014-10-25 16.50.20

East End Brewing Company, Pittsburgh, PA

2014-09-09 16.03.31

I returned to East End Brewing Company in Pittsburgh, PA.  With the way the laws are in PA the folks at East End can give samples, which I enjoyed thoroughly, but currently can’t sell pints.  They do sell growlers and mini growlers plus they have 22oz. bombers of a few varieties.  Their beers are wonderful and I highly recommend a stop at their brewery whenever you are in Pittsburgh.

2013-05-28 19.40.49

I stopped in at the East End Brewing Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a Big Hop IPA which was hoppy but balanced with with malt not to be too bitter.  I also tasted the ginger ale and root beer.  That’s right, ginger ale and root beer.  And, they were both very tasty!  My greatest regret was that I didn’t have an opportunity to stop in and pick up a growler before heading home.  Oh, and I also enjoyed a cup of coffee from Commonplace Coffee Company which was located in the same industrial space as East End Brewing Company.  I did pick up a pound of coffee to bring back for one of my over-worked co-workers.