Lowertown Brewery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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I stopped in at Lowertown Brewery for dinner and a beer.  I enjoyed a bowl of delicious fresh chili and paired it with the seasonal Pumpkin Ale.  I’ve enjoyed a number of pumpkin ales and I really liked this one.  It’s not too strong on the pumpkin and it has a nice slightly sweet taste along with some hints of spices.  Well done and well worth the stop for me.

Clocktower Brew Pub, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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I stopped in at Clocktower Brew Pub in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for a snack and a beer.  The pretzel appetizer was tasty.  I enjoyed the Wisharts ESB and tasted the Clocktower Red.  The ESB is a solid example of the ESB style.  Smooth and very drinkable.  The Red was complex.  A variety of hops and other seasonings make this a very enjoyable beer.  I’m hoping to stop back at Clocktower for another Red before I leave town.  I also need to grab a few coasters for my collection.