Twisted Spike Brewing Company, Oklahoma City, OK

I stopped in at Twisted Spike Brewing Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  With a beer called Holy Beer on the menu I simply had to try it.  Its a very delicious Belgian Quad.  I’m least familiar with Belgian beer styles but am leaning into this and enjoying the educational experience. I tried several others while enjoying tacos at the bar for dinner.  I ended with Blood Orange IPA.  We had made such a favorable impression on the bartender that he gave us a couple of cans to take home with us.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

The pretzel on the menu was tasty too.  Great spot to hang out.

Brewers Union, Oklahoma City, OK

I stopped in at Brewers Union in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  WOW!  An incubator for breweries.  Revolutionary!  Great vibe in the tasting room with plenty of space to hang out, including a ping pong table.

I was especially interested in Crossed Cannons Brewery Liberty Call.  I enjoyed the pineapple jalapeno – was hoping for just a bit more of each of these flavors in the beer.  I also enjoyed Fancy Dance from Skydance Brewing Company.  This is a really nice New England IPA.  And, finally, Greenage from Crossed Timbers Brewing Company was pretty nice with cilantro and lime flavors – a nice cerveza.

Angry Scotsman Brewing, Oklahoma City, OK

I stopped in at Angry Scotsman Brewing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  What else would I drink but Rusty Kiltpin Scottish-Style Export Ale.  OUTSTANDING!  Malty, fresh, crisp, delicious!  Just as I had hoped.  I also loved the taproom – great atmosphere and vibe.  And who couldn’t love the logo – awesome!  I wish beer were easier to bring home on a plane.  Would have loved to bring back a six-pack.  And I should have picked up a t-shirt but that will have to wait for a future trip.


COOP Ale Works, Oklahoma City, OK

I stopped in at COOP Ale Works in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The beer I was most interested to try was F5 because I had seen it on tap in several local restaurants.  And, I was not disappointed.  F5 is a wonderful IPA, one I’d drink at home of available.  I also enjoyed the Grapefruit F5 and found it to be grapefruity enough but not over the top.  I enjoyed the bourbon barrel aged Territorial Reserve.  I’d drink anything aged in bourbon barrels.  The Fly Me Away Milkshake was a bit over the top for me, but to each his own.  It’s definitely different.

Stonecloud Brewing Company, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I stopped in at Stonecloud Brewing Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Trivia Night was in full swing, which was fun to observe.  I decided to go with the Chug Norris Mosaic  Pale Ale which turned out to be a very nice hoppy pale ale which I enjoyed greatly.  It paired well with the food from the Korean food truck we had for dinner.

Since my wife is Polish I had to try the Total Smoke Show Grodziskie.  This tasted like a smoky light beer.  Interesting.

Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing, Tulsa, OK

I stopped in at Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing in Tulsa, Oklahoma and enjoyed a flight of their beers.  Their Apricot Breakaway is one of their newest and pretty tasty with enough apricot that you can taste the fruit.  The Raspberry Blonde wasn’t as sour or as full of fruit taste as I would have preferred.  Their IPA is likely the best IPA in Tulsa.  Hoppy with some malt complexity.  Very nice!  And Morning Bender Coffee Oatmeal Stout has a great roasted coffee flavor with notes of chocolate.  Great beers!