Urban South Brewery, New Orleans, LA

I stopped in at  Urban South Brewery in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Getting there gave me a good opportunity for a long walk after a day long workshop in New Orleans.  After sizing up the beers on tap I  decided to go with the Holy Roller IPA.  Hey, I’m a holy roller, why not?  And it’s been a while since I’ve had an entire IPA.  I’ve been branching out into other styles.  I found Holy Roller to be quite good.  Hoppy but not overboard.  Not heavy or resiny.  Very nice to drink and enjoy.  I wish I liked crawfish.  There was a company selling coked crawfish and many locals were enjoying them.  Quite a large group – lots of energy.


NOLA Brewing, New Orleans, LA

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2015-06-07 19.56.35     2015-06-07 20.08.47

I stopped in at NOLA Brewing in New Orleans, Louisiana and tasted a few beers.  The NOLA Brown was solid.  The Citra Rebirth was a delicious citra hopped IPA which I really enjoyed.  The Double Hopped Hopitoulas was heavy and sweet.  And the Rumplestoutskin was a delicious stout aged in rum barrels.

2015-06-07 19.56.51     2015-06-07 19.56.44

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Crescent City Brewhouse, New Orleans, LA

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Back at Crescent City Brewhouse in New Orleans, Louisiana in January 2017 – Red Stallion Ale and bowl of gumbo.  You simply can’t beat this combo.  The beer is malty sweet plus hoppy at the same time – very easy to drink – perfect with the gumbo.  Makes for a hearty meal.

I stopped in at Crescent City Brewhouse in New Orleans, Louisiana for dinner and a beer.  The seafood gumbo was delicious.  Spicy and filling.  And I paired the seasonal Kolsch with it which was perfect.  A great dinner after a long day of travel.  Every time I travel to New Orleans I stop in at Crescent City Brewhouse.