High Branch Brewing Company, Concord, NC

I stopped in at High Branch Brewing Company in Concord, North Carolina.  When I reviewed the beer list I had to try the Imposter Golden Stout.  Imposter is a good name for this.  I wonder how many people, blindfolded, would assume this to be a regular stout.  It’s delicious, smooth, with most typical stout characteristics.  Just a bit lighter.  But I had to try the Yucatan Stout.  The vanilla came through first, then the cinnamon.  The pepper lingered with me for a good half hour after I’d left the brewery, leaving this wonderful tang on my palate that I enjoyed and reminisced over this tasty beer.


Cabarrus Brewing Company, Concord, NC


I stopped in at Cabarrus Brewing Company in Concord, North Carolina.  With the help of the bartenders I checked out the beer list.  Decisions, Decisions.  I tried the ESB.  Tasty.  Malty, Hoppy, Bitter, very nice.  At the recommendation of the bartender I tried the Vanilla Coffee Blonde.  Stop right there.  Delicious.  Sweet.  Coffee.  Vanilla.  Forget Starbucks, I’d drink this for breakfast every day.


By the time I thought to take a picture, well, they were empty.  Sorry!


Blue Blaze Brewing Company, Charlotte, NC

I stopped in at Blue Blaze Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina for a beer.  I tried the Blue Blaze Altbier which was really crisp and refreshing.  The bartender pointed out that #NPS100 Irish Red Ale had just been tapped today so I gave that a try and decided to go with a full pour.  It was a malty and hoppy delicious beer.  Full of flavor and body.  I tried a sample of the Scotch Ale and enjoyed it but felt it tasted a bit boozy for my taste.

I met some guys at the bar who were also brewery visitors.  They were pumped at having visited 300 breweries.  Which is quite an accomplishment.  When I told them I’d been to over 500 I’m not sure if they believed me or not.  But we had a good time talking about several brewery favorites we had visited.


Wooden Robot Brewery, Charlotte, NC

I stopped in at Wooden Robot Brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina for a beer.  The brewery has a great vibe.  Indoor and outdoor seating. Lots of locals and great energy.  They also have food available from the Twisted Eats Food Truck (but I had already eaten).  Looking at the beer list:

…I decided to go with Universal Automation, their sour golden ale.  It is delicious.  It had a good sour bite, but not too sour.  It is crisp and refreshing.