Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, WI

2015-08-12 13.52.41 2015-08-12 13.53.09

I stopped in at Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a quick beer.  First, the brewery is a really great place.  I wish I had the chance to take the tour but time did not permit.  They serve traditional beer hall food at the brewery which pairs so well with the beer.  The brew I tried was the New Grist Ginger Style Ale.  I love ginger and this beer did not disappoint.  Spicy and delicious.  I’m glad I stopped in!

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Hinterland, Milwaukee, WI

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I stopped in at Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for dinner and a beer.  The group I was with turned the appetizer menu into a sampler and enjoyed so many menu items – they were all delicious!  I think we tried them all.  I enjoyed the Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock.  What a rich beer.  This is something to sip and enjoy just like a fine bourbon, whiskey or scotch.  Very complex.  Malty and sweet.  But with a deep rich flavor,  Outstanding evening of food and drink.

2015-08-11 18.29.38 2015-08-11 17.58.01

Milwaukee Ale House, Milwaukee, WI

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I stopped in at the Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for dinner and a beer.  I had the pretzels and Hawaiian pizza.  The pretzels and beer cheese were delicious.  They came out hot!  The Milwaukee Ale House take on Hawaiian pizza includes pepperoni and jalapeno peppers – a delicious twist from the norm.  I also enjoyed the Polish Moon milk stout.  Most folks probably wouldn’t have paired that but when I saw the label I had to try it and it was rich and delicious.

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Horny Goat Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI

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I stopped in at Horny Goat Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for lunch and a beer.  The fried pickles and the tacos (chicken and brisket) were outstanding.  I tried a sampler of their beers which showed great range in brewing and all were solid.  Although not a big wheat beer drinker, the Hometown Wheat was very tasty.  It had a lot more flavor than most wheat beers.  I’m a fan.  But I’m no Horny Goat.

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