Mill Valley Beerworks, Mill Valley, CA

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I stopped in at the Mill Valley Beerworks in Mill Valley, California and tasted a few of their beers.  Manzanita is a red ale with a smoky flavor almost like barbeque.  I really enjoyed this beer.  The New IPA tasted like grapefruit to me which is one of the reasons like I like IPA so much.  Great beer.  The Villager IPA was more mild with understated hops characteristics.  Finally, Lobos was a double IPA that was strong and rich, dark and heavy, malty and hoppy.  This was a complex beer that I saved for last and am glad I did.  Mill Valley Beerworks is a really neat place.  I would have enjoyed staying for a meal which I’m sure would have been fabulous but I needed to move on.

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