Stone Angel Brewing Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I stopped in at Stone Angel Brewing Company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Great beers, great people, great place.  I enjoyed Kaiser Bill IPA and Luther’s Folly Kolsch Blonde Ale.  Their IPA is an east coast IPA so its not overpowering with hops.  Very easy to drink.  Their Kolsch Blonds Ale is fabulous.  So smooth, full bodied and flavorful.  I wish I could get cans of this back home.  I enjoyed chatting with the owner and bartender and had a great time relaxing and enjoying just being there.

I also love the Martin Luther quote on the coasters and growlers.  If I weren’t traveling internationally I’d have purchased a growler to take home just for the quote.  Maybe some day they’ll have the quote on t-shirts and I can come back and buy one of those with another beer.