Terre Haute Brewing Company, Terre Haute, IN

Being in one of the first nine commercial breweries in the U.S. and the second oldest at that was quite an honor.  I stopped in at Terre Haute Brewing Company in Terre Haute, Indiana for lunch and a beer.  Their Barbacoa Tacos were outstanding and quite meaty.  Two tacos was plenty for lunch for me.  Their The Local Golden Ale was very drinkable and paired well with the tacos.  Great beer and food!

Turoni’s Pizza and Brewery, Evansville, IN

I stopped in at Turoni’s Pizza and Brewery in Evansville, Indiana last night and enjoyed their Honey Blonde Ale.  I can see why this beer is so popular.  Smooth.  The honey adds great smoothness to the beer.  Makes it very easy to drink.  If I hadn’t already had dinner I would have wanted to enjoy some pizza or appetizers and had several beers.  Sadly, it was too late for that but I’m glad I had the chance to enjoy this wonderful beer.

Round Town Brewery, Indianapolis, IN

I stopped in at Round Town Brewery in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The bartender recommended their Round Town Lager, which was a solid recommendation.  Although lagers are not my typical go to (I often find them heavier than I’d prefer) this was perfect.  Not heavy.  Very drinkable.  With just a bit more hops to give a slight bitter taste.  This is a fabulous beer that you need to try.  It has all the malty flavor of a typical lager plus great hop finish.  Stop in and try it.  Also, try their Irish Coffee Ale which tastes just like you’re drinking iced coffee.  Yum!

3 Floyds, Munster, IN

I stopped in at 3 Floyds Brewing Company in Munster, Indiana for lunch and a beer.  3 Floyds is a wacky place.  Some of the pictures give that away.  But their food and beer isn’t wacky at all!  It’s awesome.  I loved the Brisket Taco which paired perfectly with Alpha King American Pale Ale.  Absolutely delicious.  Just the right amount of hops.  Easy to drink  over and over again.  I also couldn’t leave without trying Quaanto Triple IPA.  At 12% the serving is small but that’s all you need.  This is heavy and delicious and smooth and malty and hoppy and WOW!  But be careful, it drinks easy but packs a serious punch!

Metazoa Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN

I stopped in at Metazoa Brewing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana to check out their beers.   Most notable in my opinion was Chamomile SMASH.  I drink Chamomile tea at night before bed but I never would have put these flavors together.  However, the outcome was really enjoyable.  This is a very drinkable beer with a flowery herbal touch.  Nicely done!  Another cool thing about Metazoa is that they give 5% of their profits to animal organizations.  Good work.