Round Town Brewery, Indianapolis, IN

I stopped in at Round Town Brewery in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The bartender recommended their Round Town Lager, which was a solid recommendation.  Although lagers are not my typical go to (I often find them heavier than I’d prefer) this was perfect.  Not heavy.  Very drinkable.  With just a bit more hops to give a slight bitter taste.  This is a fabulous beer that you need to try.  It has all the malty flavor of a typical lager plus great hop finish.  Stop in and try it.  Also, try their Irish Coffee Ale which tastes just like you’re drinking iced coffee.  Yum!

3 Floyds, Munster, IN

I stopped in at 3 Floyds Brewing Company in Munster, Indiana for lunch and a beer.  3 Floyds is a wacky place.  Some of the pictures give that away.  But their food and beer isn’t wacky at all!  It’s awesome.  I loved the Brisket Taco which paired perfectly with Alpha King American Pale Ale.  Absolutely delicious.  Just the right amount of hops.  Easy to drink  over and over again.  I also couldn’t leave without trying Quaanto Triple IPA.  At 12% the serving is small but that’s all you need.  This is heavy and delicious and smooth and malty and hoppy and WOW!  But be careful, it drinks easy but packs a serious punch!

Metazoa Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN

I stopped in at Metazoa Brewing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana to check out their beers.   Most notable in my opinion was Chamomile SMASH.  I drink Chamomile tea at night before bed but I never would have put these flavors together.  However, the outcome was really enjoyable.  This is a very drinkable beer with a flowery herbal touch.  Nicely done!  Another cool thing about Metazoa is that they give 5% of their profits to animal organizations.  Good work.