Aeronaut Brewing Company, Somerville, MA

I stopped in at Aeronaut Brewing Company in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Their Summer in Cologne Kolsch is very easy to drink.  If I had more time I would have enjoyed more of this hanging out at the brewery.  Would also pair well with nearly any food.  Based on the bartender’s I also tried 2 Years With Dr Nandu, their Imperial IPA, which was very tasty.  Hoppy, bitter, full bodied and full flavored.  I only had a taster of this because I had to drive to the airport.  Wish I had longer to try more of their beers.  Great place to stop!

The Shop Beer Company (formerly Cartel Brewery) Phoenix, AZ

I tried to stop in at Cartel Brewing but was informed that it is now The Shop Beer Company in Phoenix, Arizona.  I tried all four beers plus their imperial IPA.  Very nice!  I especially liked the Tangerine Radler 480 and Grapefruit DPA.  I love the fruity, fresh, tart flavor in the beer.  The imperial IPA was solid.  The Biere De Garde was very well done but not my style.  And the Coffee Brown Ale was simply delicious.  Very well done and well worth the stop. Making the stop even better, the bartender/brewer was great to talk to and shared info on two other breweries that were not on my list, Blasted Barley and Pedal Haus.  So, that increased my stops for the evening.

Bluejacket, Washington, DC

I stopped at Bluejacket in Washington, DC with my wife and friends to celebrate a good friend’s birthday.  We had a great time.  The food was delicious.  I enjoyed scallops and shared the chocolate almond cake for dessert.  Bluejacket has a large variety of beers available.  I created a flight of four.  The Wary Fiend farmhouse ale was the most tart tasting of this variety I’ve ever had.  Lost Weekend was a nicely hopped IPA – not too bitter.  The Killing Moon Imperial IPA was smooth – both hoppy and malty.  Now, let’s talk about some crazy good beer.  Rheinhard De Vos is an amazing sour red ale.  Tart and tasty.  And, finally, I paired Mexican Radio, a spiced sweet stout, with the chocolate almond cake for dessert.  A perfect pairing.  Delicious!


Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery, San Antonio, Texas

2015-10-05 22.33.10 2015-10-05 23.01.36 2015-10-05 22.32.08 2015-10-05 22.25.55

I stopped in at Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery in San Antonio, Texas to taste their beers.  I tried a flight and each was very good.  The Dark Sky Dark Lager was rich and malty, the Straight Outta Hopton Imperial IPA was strong and smooth, the 2 Coast IPL – India Pale Lager was hoppy and citrusy just the way I like it, and I think my favorite was the Heyyyy Joe Coffee IPA.  I’ve never had a coffee IPA before and this was a treat.  Notes of both coffee flavor and hops.  Typically coffee is brewed in stouts and porters.  This really switched it up for me and was delicious.  Hope to stop back for one more before leaving San Antonio.  I’d encourage anyone to stop in for this beer alone.  The other beers were delicious as well.  I did not have a chance to try their food but the menu looked awesome as well.

2015-10-05 22.57.38

Coppertail Brewing Company, Tampa, FL

I stopped back in to Coppertail Brewing Company in Tampa Florida while at a conference recently.  I was fortunate to have my son with me who accompanied me on the trip.  Wow, it was remarkable the changes to the brewery in three and a half years (evidenced by the photos above which are new and those below which are from 2014).

We enjoyed two flights and several beers stood out.  Brews Banner, the Imperial IPA was one of my son’s favorites.  I liked the Chimaera ESB.  We both enjoyed the Spring Broke Florida Weisse with Raspberry, Vanilla and Rhubarb.  Frankly, all of the beers were very delicious.  Hope it’s not three years before I have the chance to return.

2014-10-29 18.21.55     2014-10-29 18.21.43

I stopped in at Coppertail Brewing Company in Tampa, Florida and really enjoyed the Free Dive IPA.  It was hoppy but not too hoppy.  I tasted several of the other regular and seasonal brews and found the all to be delightful.  It was exciting to be stopping in at a brewery that is so new to the business.  If the quality of their beers is any indicator I’m sure they will do really well.

The tasting room is also a really cool place to visit.  It’s a relaxed atmosphere with ample room for a number of folks to sit back and enjoy a few beers.  They also have complimentary munchies.

2014-10-29 18.56.20     2014-10-29 18.55.50     2014-10-29 18.26.45

Drake’s Brewing Company, San Leandro, CA


2014-04-24 16.45.45     2014-04-24 16.45.59

I stopped in at the Drake’s Brewing Company Barrel House back in June of 2013.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure what beer I enjoyed at that time.  However, Drake’s recently brought several of their beers to a conference social event and I enjoyed a few of them.  The first one I tried was the Denogginizer Imperial IPA.  This is a bold, hoppy and malty beer that really packs a punch.  The next one I tried is the Jolly Rodger Imperial American Black Ale.  This was both smooth and crisp.  And, finally, I tried the Drakonic Imperial Stout which was smooth and creamy with a flavor of coffee and chocolate.  A great way to end the evening.

2014-04-23 18.25.10     2014-04-23 18.25.34


2014-04-23 18.39.05     2014-04-23 20.21.44     2014-04-23 21.13.57

Marin Brewing Company, Larkspur, CA

2014-04-20 12.07.53     2014-04-20 12.08.23

2014-04-20 12.25.23      2014-04-20 12.11.04


I stopped in the Marin Brewing Company in Larkspur, California.  I just had to try the Raspberry Trail Ale and although it’s not particularly my style I did enjoy it.  It was light and bready with a distinct flavor of raspberry.  Then I tried the Altar Boy Belgian style pale ale which tasted like a fruity Belgian ale.  I also sampled the Mt Tam Pale Ale which is their flagship and turned out to be a smooth, solid pale ale.  And, finally, I tried Earl which is an Imperial IPA.  This was rich and heavy, malty and hoppy.

2014-04-20 12.08.32     2014-04-20 12.26.02


New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO

2012-10-16 17.01.06     2012-10-16 17.30.53

I stopped in at the New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado for a tour which was a great experience.  We covered the entire process from beginning to end and even were given the chance to slide down the slide in the tasting room (I declined).  In the tasting room we sampled several beers.  Of course, like most folks, I tried the Fat Tire Amber Ale which is the flagship beer for New Belgium.  This beer never disappoints.  I also tried Ranger IPA and Rampart Imperial IPA.  Both of these are great beers and once I had tried them I noticed that they were available back home.  While in the tap room I purchased a bike bell for a co-worker.  The tap room is a cool place where people can gather and enjoy great beer.

I stopped back in at New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins,  Colorado.  Given the season I just had to try Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin.  Great spices in this beer.  Delicious and pretty strong.  A very enjoyable beer to warm me up on a cool evening.