Hitchhiker Brewing Company, Pittsburgh, PA

2014-09-10 22.28.31     2014-09-10 23.10.20


I stopped in at the Hitchhiker Brewing Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and tasted the Roadie IPA which I really enjoyed.  It was well balanced with the hops and malt.  Not too hoppy.  Very drinkable.  I also tried the seasonal Festbier.  The Drifter #004 Keystone Common does taste a good bit like Anchor Steam.  Finally, the Tumbleweed brown ale was absolutely delicious.  I would have like to have brought home a growler of this.  I’ll definitely be looking forward to stopping in again the next time I am in Pittsburgh.

2014-09-10 23.03.21     2014-09-10 22.36.55