Crooked Crab Brewing Company, Odenton, MD

I stopped into the Crooked Crab Brewing Company in Odenton, Maryland, on the way home from a business meeting.  The flight of beers and the pork belly from the food truck were a wonderful accompaniment after a tiring day.  I enjoyed all of the beers.  My favorites were A Raspberry & Peach Walked Into A Bar, their delicious fruity sour, and A Mango & Key Lime Get Salty, their refreshing gose.  Both of these beers had great flavors.

CraftHaus Brewery, Henderson, NV

I stopped in at CraftHaus Brewery in Henderson, Nevada and lurked during a distributor’s Christmas gathering.  It was actually pretty cool because I had the opportunity to hear the  owners and brewers speak about their passion for craft beer.  I tried two beers to decide which I wanted a full glass of.  It was a hard decision.  The Zitrone Gose was delicious, but I had already had a sour beer earlier in the evening.  The Pecan Pie Porter was delicious off the charts. Think smooth, malty, delicious porter.   Then layer pecan pie flavor – not too sweet – but those taste notes and sweetness.  Absolutely delicious.  Like dessert in a glass.


Earth Eagle Brewings, Portsmouth, NH


I stopped in at Earth Eagle Brewings in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  I was informed that they were known for their sours.  Then,  based on the bartender recommendation I tried the Indian Summer Gose.  Delicious.  It was late evening when I stopped in and I found this beer to be deliciously refreshing.  It was light and sour and flavorful.  The Citra Hops added to the flavor experience.



Parkway Brewing Company, Salem, VA

I stopped in at Parkway Brewing Company in Salem, Virginia for a beer.  I wound up trying a flight.  The brewery has a great feel.  It includes a wide open space with various seating options.  Also when I was there a food truck and live music were featured.  In terms of beer I really enjoyed the Majestic Mullet Krispy Kolsch.  This is a fresh, drinkable beer.  Delightful.  I also enjoyed three IPA’s – Get Bent, Factory Girl and Grapefruit.  I enjoyed the hoppiness of these.  Good flavors.  Slightly resiny for my taste.  The Seeing Colors Spiced Ale is a delicious fall seasonal.  I really loved the spices.  Baltic Porter is also a very tasty, darker beer.  I tried a quick sample of the Gose on tap which was sour, salty and refreshing.  I recommend stopping in and trying these beers!

The Perch Pub and Brewery, Chandler, AZ

I had heard that The Perch Pub and Brewery in Chandler, Arizona was different.  Well, that’s an understatement.  I’m not sure where to begin.  The rescued wild birds are fabulous to watch!  That alone in itself is worth the trip.  It’s like an exotic bird zoo.  Then there’s the food.  The fish tacos were the best I’ve ever had.  Then there’s the bartender.  E is the best bartender ever.  He’s awesome.  And the whole reason I stopped is the beer.  I had a flight: Paleyeah! is a solid pale ale / Desert Blossom Saison is very tasty – one of the best saisons I’ve had and possibly my favorite / Rosemary IPA – if you like rosemary – YES – if not – NO / Belgian Peach – delicious – sweet – peachy goodness / Velocirazter Gose – tart, salty, raspberry refreshing goodness / Stirabout Oatmeal Stout – a happy ending.  Very few flights are all good – this one was.  Excellent.

2016-04-28 14.25.21

Wren House Brewing Company, Phoenix, AZ

I stopped in at Wren House Brewing Company in Phoenix, Arizona and really enjoyed their beers.  I was skeptical with Senor Gallo considering there is wild rice in the recipe but it was a really tasty beer.  It’s a bit nutty.  I’ve enjoyed some gose style beers recently and Lady Banks is clearly one of the best I’ve tried.  It is only slightly salty – the salty taste sometimes can be too much for me.  The rose petals, hibiscus and chamomile add to a flowery complexity that is delicious.  Jomax is a very tasty oatmeal stout.  Not as chocolatey as some but full of flavor nonetheless.  You need to stop in and try these.