The Actual Brewing Company, Columbus, OH

I stopped in at The Actual Brewing Company in  Columbus, Ohio.  It’s not easy to locate.  But it’s worth the stop.  Fat Julian Imperial Stout is amazing.  It’s rich in chocolate flavor.  Well worth  the time spent looking for it!

I stopped in again and found tremendous progress.  I tasted Thermal Conductor Habanero IPA.  This must be the HOTTEST beer I’ve ever tasted.  I could have  gone with this.  Really.  I’m not weak.  But, it was late.  I wasn’t in the mood.  And, the bartender recommended the Wiener-Munchen Festival Lager which was delicious.  Smooth.  Malty.  Perfect for my mood and the time of day.  Relaxing.  Can’t wait to stop back again!