16 Mile Brewery Georgetown, DE

2017-08-12 13.19.02

I stopped in at 16 Mile Brewery in Georgetown, Delaware on the way to Bethany Beach, Delaware for family vacation.  Several family members tried beers.  Baby’s lunch was good.  I really loved Gutentart, but I’m somewhat of an outlier enjoying sour beers.  Seed Free & Joy was the favorite of beers we tried and we bought a sixpack to bring along for vacation.  The tasting room was pretty busy, with one group having pizza delivered to them right there.  The outdoor fire pit area looked really cool.  I’m looking forward to saving one of the Delaware state map caps for my beer bottle cap map.

Brookeville Beer Farm, Brookeville, MD

I stopped in at the newest brewery in the Maryland area where I live, Brookeville Beer Farm in Brookeville, Maryland.  I ordered a flight and enjoyed their beers.  The Philsner Pilsner was tasty and very drinkable with good flavor.  Road Dust is a solid brown ale.  Their IPA and Double IPA were both very good.  I really enjoyed the Ridiculous Stout, it was smooth, rich, flavorful with coffee, chocolate maltiness.  I hope to stop here frequently.  The bar area is beautiful with a large outdoor seating area as well.


Kane Brewing Company, Ocean, NJ

I stopped in at Kane Brewing Company in Ocean, New Jersey.  I really enjoyed a tasting flight of their beers.  Single Fin Belgian Blonde was tasty.  Hop Lab Citra was perhaps my favorite.  It is a fresh pale ale, crisp and slightly hoppy.  Head High is a solid IPA and Overhead is a solid Double IPA.  Neither too hoppy.  I love what these guys are doing with hops and since I stop for hops I was really happy/hoppy at Kane Brewing!

Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, CA

Stopping in at Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, California, is a real treat.  I have been thinking about Pliny the Elder all week.  And, he did not disappoint!  When you think Double IPA, Pliny is essentially what anything else is compared to.  Its awesome.  Hoppy, Smooth, Strong.  I paired it with the Clipper pizza (pesto, mozzarella, artichoke hearts and bacon) which made for a fantastic lunch.  If you are in Northern California you simply MUST stop in at Russian River Brewing Company.

St. Joseph Brewery & Public House, Indianapolis, IN

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I stopped in at St. Joseph Brewery & Public House in Indianapolis, Indiana for dinner and a beer.  I tasted the Benevolent Belgian Blond and the Pew Buster Double IPA but I stayed with the Confessional IPA to enjoy with dinner which was the Claus’ German Sausage Sampler.  The two beers I tasted were great, but the IPA was outstanding.  And that name, Confessional IPA.  Of course, the brewery and restaurant are located in a former church building.  It is pretty cool to be sitting inside the building having a meal and a beer.  I highly recommend the food and beer.