Perfect Plain Brewing Company, Pensacola, FL

I stopped in at Perfect Plain Brewing Company in Pensacola, Florida on the way to the airport.  Wow!  Of the over 600 breweries I’ve visited I am most impressed with this start-ups offerings – all of the ones I tried are awesome.

Assembly Old Ale – rich, complex, brown ale; smooth and delicious

Alleyoop Dreams Straberry Lime Gose – yes, fruity, tart, a little salty, easy drinking

Coco Gnar Sweet Stout – think Girl Scout Cookie Samoas in a glass

Farmhouse IPA – hop-heads will delight in this strong IPA

Daddy Smack Pox Milkshake IPA – yes, an IPA with fruit and vanilla and a milky feel, delicious for those with an open mind

Double A Citrus Pal Ale – a citrus-forward pale ale that is so easy to drink and so interesting with citrus notes

Over Easy Breakfast Stout – so rich with vanilla and cinnamon and coffee – a great way to start the day – breakfast of brewmasters

I sampled the others as well.  Never have I seen a brewery this size with so many home run beers.  Congratulations!

2018-07-13 12.17.18

Crooked Can Brewing Company, Winter Garden, FL

I stopped in at Crooked Can Brewing Company in Winter Garden, Florida and enjoyed their Cool as a Gose Cucumber Gose.  It had been a while since I’d had a nice Gose and this did not disappoint.  Tart, Salty, hints of cucumber.  Very drinkable.  In fact, several of these would have gone down easily.  And, this would pair with a pizza very well (but I’m trying to be good and not eat pizza these days).

2017-11-06 20.01.07

Flying Bison Brewing Company, Buffalo, NY

I stopped in at Flying Bison Brewing Company in Buffalo, New York.  The bartender recommended Bisonfest, which is their version of Oktoberfest, and I found too be delicious.  It is malty with complexity and familiarity  with several types of malts.  And the hops are just enough to balance out the malts and keep it from being sweet.   I also tried Rusty Chain which  is also delicious.  Again , a complex malt bill with enough hops to keep it from being sweet.  Great beers!

Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, Buffalo, NY

I stopped in at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery after a long walk in Buffalo New York and wasn’t sure what to try.  The bartender gave me a few samples and I landed on the Lighthouse Golden Ale.  LIGHT BEER?  YES!  LIGHT BEER!  And FABULOUS LIGHT BEER at that.  I could drink this all day and I never drink light beer.  And I’m sure my waistline thanks me for this too.  I enjoyed every drop while watching the Buffalo Sabres win last night.  Great beer and great spot to enjoy a beer.