Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farm, Mt. Airy, MD

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I stopped in at the Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farm in Mt. Airy, Maryland with my wife and two couples who are good friends.  We had been planning this visit for several weeks and we had a great time.  Each couple enjoyed a flight of beers.  First I tried the Dollyhyde Petit Farmhouse Ale which was tasty and unusually spicy.  Next I tried Goldie’s Best Bitter which was a smooth English ale.  This beer was served on cask which added to the smoothness and creamy texture.  The third beer I tried was the Coppermine Creek Cry Stout which had a very enjoyable coffee taste to it.  And the final beer I tried was the 5th Step IPA.  I felt like I was saving the best for last.  Honestly, all four beers were very good quality.  The Milkhouse Brewery is in the Mt. Airy countryside, a beautiful location in the midst of many farms.  The Stillpoint Farm grows the hops used in making the beer at the brewery.  They also sell some hops to other local brewers.  The tap room is a cozy place with an outdoor patio and covered pavilion.  We spent some time inside and some time out in the pavilion.  We also enjoyed a explanation from one of the brewers of their brewing process – a mini-tour of sorts.  It was a great way to share an afternoon with friends.

Beer: I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2

Taproom: I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2 I Stop for Hops 2


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