Orpheus Brewing, Atlanta, GA

I stopped in at Orpheus Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia and was really blown away by their barrel aged beers.  They have a great solid lineup of beers.  Their barrel aged ones had so many varieties and flavor characteristics and all that i tasted were delicious.  Stouts all the way down 2 with the fall spices tasted like a spice cake and was perfect this time of year.  The Ferryman with coffee and cocoa flavors also is tremendous!

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NOLA Brewing, New Orleans, LA

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I stopped in at NOLA Brewing in New Orleans, Louisiana and tasted a few beers.  The NOLA Brown was solid.  The Citra Rebirth was a delicious citra hopped IPA which I really enjoyed.  The Double Hopped Hopitoulas was heavy and sweet.  And the Rumplestoutskin was a delicious stout aged in rum barrels.

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