Adelbert’s Brewery, Austin, TX

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I stopped in at Adelbert’s Brewery in Belgiium – OOPS – Austin, Texas, last night.  While I was sampling their beers I sure felt like I was in Belgium.  Belgian styles are their passion and it shows in every beer.  I especially enjoyed the Tripel B.  It was malty and sweet just as a Belgian Tripel should be.  And it was strong!.  When I mentioned that I was planning to write a blog post, the manager insisted I try every beer on tap.  Honestly, each was delicious. Even the tea they brew to cleanse the palate was tasty.  I wish it were easier to bring beer on a plane, I’d bring some back for my friends at home.  I also wish I had more time to sit back and relax at the outdoor seating area and enjoy the beer but I was on a quick trip in and out of Austin.  I highly recommend this brewery – everyone should stop here.  I hope to the next time I’m in town – and hopefully for a longer stop!

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