Upstreet Craft Brewing, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

I stopped in at Upstreet Craft Brewing in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.  With help from the bartender I selected Commons Czech Pilsner, Rhuby Social Strawberry Rhubarb Witbier, William Windsor Porter, and Top Stamp Honey Brown Lager.  The bartender also gave me a taste of Do Gooder American Pale Ale.  So here’s the run-down.  I enjoyed the Commons; a great easy drinking crisp beer.  And, my wife even enjoyed it which is very rare.  She’s not a beer drinker.  Rhuby Social is tasty with a hint of fruit flavor but certainly not overpowering.  William Windsor is a lovely porter.  Coffee and caramel and chocolate flavors.  With the cold rain it was a delightful warmer.  Top Stamp is smooth and malty.  Do Gooder is a crisp Americal pale with a bit of citrus.  Not strong.  Very easy to drink and tasty.

The taproom offers food but we had recently eaten a very filling lunch at the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company and didn’t have room for anything to eat.  That’s another story but this place is wonderful (seafood chowder, potato pie, raspberry cream cheese pie – enough said).  Back to Upstreet, the taproom is a cool industrial space, comfortable, and indicative of the size of their mug club quite the local hangout.


Ozark Beer Company, Rogers, AR

2014-09-14 18.18.23      2014-09-14 18.17.58

I stopped in at the Ozark Beer Company in Rogers, Arkansas and enjoyed a taste of the five beers they had on tap.  I really enjoyed the American Pale Ale.  It was hoppy enough for my palate.  This was one of the beers I had a second taste of.  I tried the India Pale Ale which I also enjoyed.  A solid IPA.  The Belgian Golden was the strongest on the menu and a solid Belgian beer.  Many of the other folks at the brewery were drinking this.  The Cream Stout was nice and smooth.  The Onyx Coffee Stout was delicious.  I enjoyed a second taste of this one as well.  This brewery was one of my stops on the Fayetteville Ale Trail which I highly recommend for those who love craft beer and are in the Fayetteville area.  In my opinion, the beers at Ozark Brewing Company were the best on the Fayetteville Ale Trail.

2014-09-14 18.17.38 2014-09-14 18.17.24 2014-09-14 18.11.20 2014-09-14 18.08.24

Apple Blossom Brewing Company, Fayetteville, AR

2014-09-14 19.42.18


I stopped in at the Apple Blossom Brewing Company in Fayetteville, Arkansas and enjoyed a taste of their Armstrong APA, Mockingbird Black IPA and Applewood Stout.  I enjoyed them all.  I found the Applewood Stout to be especially smooth and creamy.  I’d go back just for the stout.  This brewery was one of my stops on the Fayetteville Ale Trail which I highly recommend for those who love craft beer and are in the Fayetteville area.

2014-09-14 19.43.28

Beer Engine, Danville, KY

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You’re not going to believe this, but on my way to Beer Engine in Danville, Kentucky a local police officer pulled me over to inform me that my tail lights were not on.  I was driving a rental car and apparently hadn’t figured out which headlight mode to use.  I had also just missed a turn and thought he was pulling me over because I was driving a bit strangely.  I was pleasantly surprised when all he was doing was helping me.  But, the story gets better.  He asked me where I was headed.  I sheepishly said I was going to the Beer Engine microbrewery and basically he insisted on escorting me the rest of the way there.  Seriously.  I got a police escort TO a microbrewery.  That’s a first.

The bartender was really cool and he gave me the low-down on their house beers.  I enjoyed a Freedom Ranger American Pale Ale (APA) which was a nice switch-up to the IPA’s I normally order and I also had a taste of the His Dark Materials Stout which was also very nice.  I recommend both.  And, forunately, I didn’t need a police escort afterward.:)

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