Mill Street Brewery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I stopped in at Mill Street Brewery brewpub in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for dinner and to try their beer.  It was happy hour when I arrived so I was able to get a side salad and burger (no bun) for just a few dollars.  I enjoyed trying their Honest Bucker Pale Ale which is a hoppy pale ale with hop flavor but not bitter.  Very easy to drink.  Goes great with food.  I also tried Gin Barrel Aged Grapefruit Pale Ale.  I’m not as much of a gin drinker but I’ve learned to appreciate many flavor profiles.  I do like grapefruit.  The mixture of grapefruit and gin was a great match.  Very tasty beer.  And since this is a limited release I just had to try it.  Mill Street Brewery offers root beer and it just so happened that I was sitting at the bar and the bartender was making root beer floats while I was there.  I asked him if he’d ever made a stout float.  This led to him experimenting and learning a new drink.  Cobblestone Stout and vanilla ice cream – just sayin.

Cold Garden Beverage Company, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I stopped in at Cold Garden Brewing Company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and really enjoyed chatting with the bartenders, the great vibe, lots of dogs, and fabulous beer.  Birthday Cake beer? Yes! Sign me up.  Delicious! One of my favorite flavors – now added to beer.  Vanilla Cappuccino Porter.  Yes! and now time for bed.  Perfect evening drink.  Sweet.  Smooth.  Relaxing.  Yum!


Last Best Brewing Company, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I stopped in at Last Best Brewing Company in Calgary Alberta Canada.  Ever since I’ve been traveling to Canada people keep telling me about poutine.  Well, I finally tried it here.  I enjoyed it!  The bartender recommended their Baltic Porter to accompany it which was a great choice.  This beer is dark and rich and heavy and sweet and a great way to end the evening. (in a good way)

Common Crown Brewing Company, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I stopped in at Common Crown Brewing Company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Looking over their beers I decided on Andy’s Wee Heavy Scottish Ale.  I really enjoyed its sweet maltiness and its crisp finish.  What a great beer.  And even better, the bartender gave it to me for free.  He saw me struggling with the Canadian cash in my wallet and had mercy on me as a traveler.  Thank you!

Tool Shed Brewing Company, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I stopped in at Tool Shed Brewing Company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to try their beer.  I decided on the People Skills Cream Ale and was not disappointed.  I rarely drink cream ale and with this being one of their core beers I figured it was a good option and I was really impressed.  Smooth.  Drinkable.  Nice mouth feel.  Light but not too light.  I could drink several of these.  I also had a taste of Papa Bam Bam’s Oatmeal Pale Ale and that is a great beer as well.  A hoppy pale ale with oatmeal richness.  Delightful.