Zydeco Brew Werks, Tampa, FL

Let’s get real, I stopped in at Zydeco Brew Werks, in Tampa, Florida and did not review the picture I took of my beer until later and sadly it’s blurry.  But maybe a blurry picture is better than no picture at all.  So, the bartender helped me with a dinner order turning the buffalo shrimp po boy into a salad which was delicious and he allowed me to taste a few beers and I decided rather than get an IPA with flavor fighting the buffalo I’d go with the pilsner – love the name – All I Wanted Was A Pilsner – to complement the spicy food.  Perfect dinner.

2019-10-28 20.53.04

Orpheus Brewing, Atlanta, GA

I stopped in at Orpheus Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia and was really blown away by their barrel aged beers.  They have a great solid lineup of beers.  Their barrel aged ones had so many varieties and flavor characteristics and all that i tasted were delicious.  Stouts all the way down 2 with the fall spices tasted like a spice cake and was perfect this time of year.  The Ferryman with coffee and cocoa flavors also is tremendous!

2019-10-24 20.50.14