Summit Brewing Company, St. Paul, MN

I stopped in at Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Their Cranky Woodsman Nut Brown Ale is a really nice brown ale with rich flavors.  It has just a hint of smoky flavor.  Now, smoke is one of my personal least favorite flavors in beer, however, this is so subtle I really enjoyed it.  The Ratskeller is pretty sizeable and does also have an outdoor patio.  The food truck looked good but I had already eaten.

2019-10-20 16.30.36

Bald Man Brewing, Eagan, MN

I stopped in at Bald Man Brewing in Eagan, Minnesota.  The brewery is not too far from the Minneapolis airport.  Stopping in was the first thing I did upon leaving the airport.  For a Sunday afternoon there was a nice size group of people in the brewery, some were watching sports, all were enjoying good beer.  I tried the Spirit in the Sky Strawberry Rhubarb Ale.  This was refreshing and both tart and sweet.  I really liked the Tupelo Honey Brown Ale.  Sweet and malty and delicious.  I also felt compelled to purchase a t-shirt for a good friend who is bald, enjoys good beer and brews occasionally.

Nine Band Brewing Company, Allen, TX

I stopped in at Nine Band Brewing Company in Allen, Texas.  i had heard about this place last night at Lockhart Smokehouse.  Lockhart Red Ale is brewed by Nine Band Brewing.  I also learned later this evening that the beers featured at Two Row Grill are also brewed by Nine Band Brewing.  The most unique beer i had tonight was the Candy Corn Scream Ale.  This is a cream ale, which can often be sweet, with extra sweetness and flavor of candy corn.  It was pretty sweet but also tasty.

Legal Draft Beer Company, Arlington, TX

2019-10-07 17.28.52

I stopped in at Legal Draft Beer Company in Arlington, Texas.  I enjoyed a great flight of beers.   Nowhere But Texas is a solid lager.  Easy drinking.  Smash and Grab is a solid IPA and Hazeas Corpus is a solid Hazy IPA.  Amicus is a really nice Mosaic IPA.  Old Fashioned Justice is a barrel aged IPA.  I’ve had a lot of barrel aged beers.  Yeah, this one is special.  Really special.  Tartfeasor is a nice Berliner Weisse.  Tart.  Crisp. Clean.  Backberry Tart is a really nice Radler with juice and beer – reminds me of the Radler in Munich.  Summer Recess is a Grapefruit Shandy – also gives me the Radler feel – yum – makes me want to cycle 20 miles and come back for more.   Lawktoberfest is a vey smooth malty Oktoberfest – would be great with pretzels – etc.  Legal Holiday is a dark spiced ale and feels right for cooler evenings.  Exhibit M is even richer and a nice dessert replacement.  Yummy Imperial Stout.

Dirt Farm Brewing, Bluemont, VA

I stopped in at Dirt Farm Brewing in Bluemont, Virginia.  To be fair, the stop was after another stop at Bluemont Winery with my family and the winery was our main agenda item for the day.  The brewery was a convenient afterthought.  We did enjoy some tacos and wings from their food truck.  Their beers were tasty, with Oktoberfest being our favorite.  It is a rich, smooth, malty beer.  Perfect for the cool fall weather.