Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, Greenport, New York

I stopped in at Greenport Harbor Brewing Company in their Peconic location.  I got there pretty late but in enough time to get in an order of fish tacos (wish I had made it two orders because they were delicious!).  And I enjoyed them with Maibock and Kettle Cookies.  I really enjoyed the beers and wish I had time for more but barely got these in before last call.  Maibock was strong.  Kettle Cookies was a perfect dessert for the evening.

Blue Point Brewing Company, Patchogue, NY

I stopped in at Blue Point Brewing Company in Patchogue, New York.  The stop was a great relief from a drive from LaGuardia Airport to Greenport.  Traffic was heavy and the stop was a blessing.  I wish I had more time to relax at Blue Point than I did.  I had to reach Greenport in time to check in to a boutique hotel whose front desk was closing early.  There was so much to enjoy, including live music, great food, and awesome beer.

The trouble with not writing this sooner is I forget details.  Of the six beers I tried, the Coconator was clearly my favorite.  Their oysters and warm kale salad were also delicious.  Each of the beers was delightful along with their great kitchen fresh food.  Coconator was a yummy sweet malty coconutty delight.

I greatly enjoyed a sign they had on the wall.  “In heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here” is a line from a polka song I’ve heard my father-in-law play many times and I’ve never seen it in print at a brewery before.  I love it.  Not sure of the theology behind it but it’s fun.

2019-05-09 17.34.37

I bought a few stickers and a t-shirt on my way out.  My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to sit back, relax and enjoy.

2019-05-09 17.45.31

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, NY

I stopped at Brooklyn Brewery in, you guessed it, Brooklyn, New York. Getting here from lower Manhattan was actually easier and quicker than I thought. I only had brief walks on each end, and short subway rides on green and gray lines. The trip only cost a few bucks. And I was here in roughly 45 minutes.

Unsure what direction to go, and always up for trying various beers, I chose the OG Flight. Not paying attention, I started with beer 3, Defender IPA. So, this is crisp and refreshing. It’s not especially hoppy, at least not in my opinion. So, if you’re looking for an understated IPA this may be for you. Now I’m paying attention and I’m back to beer 1, Brooklyn Lager. This is a fresh lager. It’s crisp and clean. It’s not an amber in my opinion. When I think amber I think maltier than this. It’s amber in color but more bitter than most ambers I’ve enjoyed. Beer 2, Brown Ale is smooth and caramelly and sweet with slight bitterness. I think this may be my personal favorite so far. And I’m also enjoying beer 4, Bel Air Sour. It’s dry and refreshing. Yes, its sour but sours are all the rage these days. Every brewery has one and this is pretty good.

The brewery and tap room and operations are in a pretty cool industrial space in Brooklyn. I’m not especially well versed in Brooklyn history. The neighborhood now seems full of restaurants and residential spaces. The tap room is spacious but I bet it gets full on busy nights and weekends. I’m here midweek.

I had to try Come All You Weary, English Dark Mild style. I read about this style in my Cicerone British and Irish Beer Styles course. This is a tasty beer and also low alcohol. Only 3.4%. This beer is smooth, has a biscuity flavor and slightly both caramelly and chocolatey taste. I could drink this all evening long. Not many domestic breweries make this style. Tally Ho to Brooklyn Brewery!

2019-05-08 17.29.54 - Copy

Irish Stout. I went with my son, a newly minted 21 year old, to the Guinness Brewery in Baltimore a few weeks ago. Many would say theirs is the gold standard Irish Stouts. I’d put Brooklyn Brewery Black Light Irish Stout right up there with Guinness. And at only 2.2% ABV I could enjoy this all day every day.

2019-05-08 17.39.45 - Copy

If I had more time and if I’d planned in advance I would have registered for a tour. I’ve toured many breweries from Sierra Nevada to Stone to Allagash to Boulevard. Missed this one. Maybe on the next trip to New York if I get my act together. I heard the tour leader starting in with the 5pm group and it sounded informative, fun and engaging.

2019-05-08 17.08.05 - Copy

Full disclosure. I came to the brewery yesterday and hadn’t checked social media or the website and wouldn’t ya know they were closed for a private event. Personally, it gave me some good exercise because I took the opportunity to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Note to self, check brewery websites and social media before stopping in.

2019-05-08 18.18.31-1

K is for Kriek and KO is for Knockout which is what this will do to you if not careful. Clocking in at 10.1% this is pretty heavy duty. But a beer aged in bourbon barrels I can’t resist. This is strong, boozy, cherry taste from the cherries it’s aged with; delicious. A veritable substitute for dessert or for an after dinner drink.

2019-05-08 17.57.43

I also had to stop at the swag store before leaving. No beer glasses. The kitchen cabinets are full of them already. No t-shirts, the closet is full of them already. Socks, why yes! We can sneak in a pair of socks. Stickers, yes, need one for the sticker collection at home and one for the sticker collection at work. Also bought a single bottle of Brooklyn Brown Ale which I’m enjoying right now as I edit. And, I’ll place the bottle cap onto the US map beer bottle cap frame I’ve got; one closer to filling it.

Ghost River Brewing Company, Memphis, TN

I stopped in at Ghost River Brewing Company in Memphis, Tennessee.  Let me just say this up front.  I have failed – failed to record specific beer names that is.  The toasted marshmallow stout (made with peeps?) Oh  My  Goodness.  This beer is so delicious who needs dessert.  And then, on top of that the P. S. I  Love You Imperial Brown on Palo Santo Wood.  Let’s talk.  I’ve enjoyed the Dogfish beer made in Palo Santo barrels.  It’s darker and richer and stronger.  This beer is sweeter and coconutty – is that a word?  Well, it’s also delicious.  I enjoyed the other beers but these stood out to me.

Crosstown Brewing Company, Memphis, TN

I stopped in at Crosstown Brewing Company in Memphis, Tennessee.  Unfortunately, I got there right after the bar had closed.  Fortunately, the bartender was able to sell me a four-pack of Tator Doppelbock Lager.  Unfortunately, while I was enjoying one in the picnic area the brewery staff informed me that I could not consume take-away beer on premises.  Fortunately, I was able to bring the remaining cans to my hotel for later consumption – like now.

Helio Basin Brewing Company, Phoenix, AZ

I stopped in at Helio Basin Brewing Company in Phoenix, Arizona.  Taco Tuesday.  Two tacos and a core beer for $10. Yes! I love Taco Tuesday!  Blackberry Blonde is a delicious blonde ale with enough blackberry flavor to distinguish it but its not fruity.  The tacos were OUTSTANDING!  I went on to sample a few more of their beers – all wonderful.  And also enjoyed nachos.  The beers and food here are wonderful and if I could pick one place in Phoenix to have a beer and a meal this would be the place.  Also is very comfortable.  Has a great vibe.  And the bartenders were very attentive and helpful.  Great experience.  I look forward to returning the next time I’m in Phoenix.

My only regret is I didn’t get one of their cool t-shirts.

2019-04-09 19.04.57

Helton Brewing Company, Phoenix, AZ

I stopped in at Helton Brewing Company in Phoenix, Arizona.  After scanning the tap list I decided to go with the Scotch Style.  I’d call it Scotch Ale.  With all of the attention on sours these days and the countless IPAs out there I often like to go with another style to enjoy.  This beer did not disappoint!  Ths has got to be one of the best Scotch Ales I’ve had.  And, after visiting over 600 breweries I’ve had quite a few.  I wouldn’t have thought Phoenix would be the place I’d be having such a great Scotch Ale.  I think of Phoenix with lighter beers geared toward the hot weather.  I love being surprised.  And I fully enjoyed this beer!

2019-04-07 20.39.23