The Portsmouth Brewery, Portsmouth, NH

I stopped in at The Portsmouth Brewery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  It was a late evening stop on a chilly night.  I enjoyed a cup of delicious fish chowder and paired it with Nuts and Berries Brown Ale.  The beer was smooth and malty and slightly fruity.  Delicious.  And it paired wonderfully with the soup.  Both served to warm me up on a chilly night. This is a great stop in a lively area of downtown Portsmouth.

Smuttynose Brewing Company, Hampton, NH

I enjoyed dinner and a beer at the Smuttynose Brewing Company Hayseed Restaurant in Hampton, New Hampshire.  Their pork schnitzel was delicious and it paired perfectly with Finestkind IPA.

I then proceeded to the brewery tasting room and tried Ginger Beer (not enough ginger for me and the peppers either needed to be stronger or not included), Shoals Pale Ale (a very drinkable and tasty pale), Old Brown Dog (smooth, malty, almost-sweet brown ale), and S’mistletoe (very fruity, not sweet but not sour, light not heavy).  What a range of beers.  Something for everyone.


Atlas Brew Works, Washington, DC

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I stopped in at Atlas Brew Works in Washington, DC after a grueling certification test this morning.  The flight offered a taste of all six beers on tap.  Each was very good.  I especially enjoyed the Ponzi IPA.  However, my favorite was the Rowdy Rye Pale Ale.  The spice of the rye adds a great complexity to this beer.  Sloppy Mama’s Barbeque was on location and I enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich which was also outstanding.  The visit, the beer and the barbeque helped take my weary mind off the exam.  Great spot to visit.

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The Waterfront Brewery, Key West, FL

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I stopped in at The Waterfront Brewery in Key West, Florida.  I tried the Key Lime Witness and really wanted to enjoy it.  Clearly it has notes of key lime but I really wanted more.  It also has other spices including pepper which added to the complexity of the beer but took away from my enjoyment of it.  Not every beer is for every palate.  I did enjoy the Crazy Lady Honey Blonde which was a very enjoyable blonde ale with sweetness of local honey.  I also really enjoyed the Waterfront Brewery setting along the harbor walk in Key West.  Great stop!

About I Stop For Hops

I’ve been blessed to be able to visit a number of breweries and brew pubs across the United States and have enjoyed many wonderful tours given by passionate brewers and have enjoyed many wonderful pints of great beer.  This blog is a simple opportunity for me to share my experiences with others who may be interested.  I hope you find something you enjoy.

Crescent City Brewhouse, New Orleans, LA

2015-06-07 21.36.49     2015-06-07 21.45.28

Back at Crescent City Brewhouse in New Orleans, Louisiana in January 2017 – Red Stallion Ale and bowl of gumbo.  You simply can’t beat this combo.  The beer is malty sweet plus hoppy at the same time – very easy to drink – perfect with the gumbo.  Makes for a hearty meal.

I stopped in at Crescent City Brewhouse in New Orleans, Louisiana for dinner and a beer.  The seafood gumbo was delicious.  Spicy and filling.  And I paired the seasonal Kolsch with it which was perfect.  A great dinner after a long day of travel.  Every time I travel to New Orleans I stop in at Crescent City Brewhouse.