High Line Brewing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I stopped in at High Line Brewing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  To tell the truth, I showed up past closing time.  The tap room bartender was kind enough to exchange a beer for some cash.  Awesome.  And he even was extra kind to give me some coasters, a sticker and a pin so that my craft brewery swag collection is more complete.  Looking at the tap list I noticed the Smokes Scotch Ale.  I had tried a scotch ale earlier this week at another brewery and enjoyed it and decided to go that direction again.  I don’t do much comparing of beers on this site.  That said I’ll give a few remarks on this beer style.  The scotch ale I had a few days ago was on the sweeter side.  Part of me enjoys that.  However, I believe the Smokes Scotch Ale is more true to this style with a slightly more prominent hop bitterness to it.  I really enjoyed this beer and would love to bring some home but getting it onto an airplane would be a challenge.  The tap room was really cool and I did nose around for a few moments while enjoying my beer.  Since it was so late very few people were still hanging around.  Looks like a cool spot to hang out also with food trucks in the parking lot.  Kudos to you and thanks to the bartender who was so generous to me, a weary traveler, after a long day away from home.

2018-08-29 22.19.06

Have you been here? Have you tried this beer?

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