Hop Nuts Brewing, Las Vegas, NV

I stopped in at Hop Nuts Brewing in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I really enjoyed this spot.  Unlike many Las Vegas breweries, where you still get the vibe with slot machines, etc. this felt more like a brewery atmosphere.  Chill.  Their Passion Fruit Sour was really tasty.  Crisp.  Fresh.  Light. I loved it and enjoyed relaxing and drinking it and taking in the experience in this little brewery escape from Las Vegas.

Terre Haute Brewing Company, Terre Haute, IN

Being in one of the first nine commercial breweries in the U.S. and the second oldest at that was quite an honor.  I stopped in at Terre Haute Brewing Company in Terre Haute, Indiana for lunch and a beer.  Their Barbacoa Tacos were outstanding and quite meaty.  Two tacos was plenty for lunch for me.  Their The Local Golden Ale was very drinkable and paired well with the tacos.  Great beer and food!

Turoni’s Pizza and Brewery, Evansville, IN

I stopped in at Turoni’s Pizza and Brewery in Evansville, Indiana last night and enjoyed their Honey Blonde Ale.  I can see why this beer is so popular.  Smooth.  The honey adds great smoothness to the beer.  Makes it very easy to drink.  If I hadn’t already had dinner I would have wanted to enjoy some pizza or appetizers and had several beers.  Sadly, it was too late for that but I’m glad I had the chance to enjoy this wonderful beer.