Common Crown Brewing Company, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I stopped in at Common Crown Brewing Company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Looking over their beers I decided on Andy’s Wee Heavy Scottish Ale.  I really enjoyed its sweet maltiness and its crisp finish.  What a great beer.  And even better, the bartender gave it to me for free.  He saw me struggling with the Canadian cash in my wallet and had mercy on me as a traveler.  Thank you!

Tool Shed Brewing Company, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I stopped in at Tool Shed Brewing Company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to try their beer.  I decided on the People Skills Cream Ale and was not disappointed.  I rarely drink cream ale and with this being one of their core beers I figured it was a good option and I was really impressed.  Smooth.  Drinkable.  Nice mouth feel.  Light but not too light.  I could drink several of these.  I also had a taste of Papa Bam Bam’s Oatmeal Pale Ale and that is a great beer as well.  A hoppy pale ale with oatmeal richness.  Delightful.

Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing, Tulsa, OK

I stopped in at Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing in Tulsa, Oklahoma and enjoyed a flight of their beers.  Their Apricot Breakaway is one of their newest and pretty tasty with enough apricot that you can taste the fruit.  The Raspberry Blonde wasn’t as sour or as full of fruit taste as I would have preferred.  Their IPA is likely the best IPA in Tulsa.  Hoppy with some malt complexity.  Very nice!  And Morning Bender Coffee Oatmeal Stout has a great roasted coffee flavor with notes of chocolate.  Great beers!

Cabin Boys Brewery, Tulsa, OK

I stopped in at Cabin Boys Brewery in Tulsa Oklahoma.  The bartender recommended The Hallows Tripel and I also just had to try the Bearded Theologian Quad.  Delicious and Delicious.  I don’t drink a lot of Belgian ales but these were outstanding and make me want more.  Both complex, sweet, malty and solid.  These would go great with food and would keep you warm on a cold winter night.

Renaissance Brewing Company, Tulsa, OK

I stopped in at Renaissance Brewing Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma to try their beers.  I tried their Bold Gold a Belgian Golden Strong ale which is exactly what it says it is.  Belgian, so you get the sweetness associated with that.  A very solid beer.  And I also tried the Dragons Breath with jalapeno peppers.  Hot.  This is a great beer.  You need to be prepared for the heat.  I was.  And I loved it.  I wish I had more time to enjoy this more slowly with chips or some food.  Would have been awesome.