Wren House Brewing Company, Phoenix, AZ

I stopped in at Wren House Brewing Company in Phoenix, Arizona and really enjoyed their beers.  I was skeptical with Senor Gallo considering there is wild rice in the recipe but it was a really tasty beer.  It’s a bit nutty.  I’ve enjoyed some gose style beers recently and Lady Banks is clearly one of the best I’ve tried.  It is only slightly salty – the salty taste sometimes can be too much for me.  The rose petals, hibiscus and chamomile add to a flowery complexity that is delicious.  Jomax is a very tasty oatmeal stout.  Not as chocolatey as some but full of flavor nonetheless.  You need to stop in and try these.

Phoenix Ale Brewery AND Sonoran Brewing Company, Phoenix, AZ

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I did a two-fer stop.  Phoenix Ale Brewery and Sonoran Brewing Company, both co-located in Phoenix, Arizona.  The Watermelon Ale offered by Phoenix Ale Brewery was delicious.  The Orange Peel IPA had a great orange taste to it and the Camelback IPA was a very solid offering of this style.  Great beers.  But wait, there’s more.  The White Chocolate Ale offered by Sonoroan Brewing Company is awesome.  So delicious!  I even bought a bottle to bring home and share with my wife (who doesn’t drink beer).  This tastes totally like white chocolate and not like beer.  I can’t wait for her reaction.

Mother Bunch Brewing, Phoenix, AZ

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I stopped in at Mother Bunch Brewing in Phoenix, Arizona after a long, direct flight from Washington, DC.  The Chicken Tinga Tostadas were a great late dinner. And, all of the food I saw delivered to other patrons also looked delicious.  Rather than picking one beer, I tried a few four ounce tasters.  The Grapefruit Wit was where I started and it was delicious – a slightly tart and very crisp drink to pair with dinner.  I then tried the Campfire IPA – a very solid west coast style IPA.  Again, a good pair with dinner.  I also tried McBride’s Irish Red.  I think I realized Irish Reds are not my favorite.  This was very good but just not my go to.  The Juniper Berry Gose was delicious and also paired well with my meal.  It was tart and salty and balanced well with the food. I sampled the Cherry Popper Porter but at the recommendation of the bartender I tried the Oatmeal Chocolate Milk Stout which served as a liquid dessert.  OH WOW.  So delicious.  Very good beers here.  If you’re in Phoenix I recommend stopping in and trying them all.


Bluejacket, Washington, DC

I stopped at Bluejacket in Washington, DC with my wife and friends to celebrate a good friend’s birthday.  We had a great time.  The food was delicious.  I enjoyed scallops and shared the chocolate almond cake for dessert.  Bluejacket has a large variety of beers available.  I created a flight of four.  The Wary Fiend farmhouse ale was the most tart tasting of this variety I’ve ever had.  Lost Weekend was a nicely hopped IPA – not too bitter.  The Killing Moon Imperial IPA was smooth – both hoppy and malty.  Now, let’s talk about some crazy good beer.  Rheinhard De Vos is an amazing sour red ale.  Tart and tasty.  And, finally, I paired Mexican Radio, a spiced sweet stout, with the chocolate almond cake for dessert.  A perfect pairing.  Delicious!