Goodwood Brewing Company, Louisville, KY

I stopped in at Goodwood Brewing Company in Louisville, Kentucky. Several industry friends and I stopped in after dinner to try their beers.  With the current construction in Louisville, getting there was a bit tricky, and we may have used a slightly illegal maneuver to park down the block.  The area the brewery is located in felt a bit sketchy, but that’s not always uncommon for breweries.  Fortunately we got there safely.  When we arrived it was close to last call so we quickly put in our flight orders.  There was only one other small group in the tap room at the time.  The atmosphere was rustic – very enjoyable.  Having tried several of their beers, here are some thoughts.  The Cinnamon Stout was new for me.  It tasted like a mix of Red Hots and stout at the same time.  Tasty for what it was.  I think my favorite brew was the Bourbon Barrel Ale – an ale smoothed out with the flavor of bourbon – sweet and tasty.  The Pale Ale was crisp and hoppy.  The Bourbon Barrel Stout was smooth and flavorful.  I hope I have another time to stop in here before this trip ends.

2 thoughts on “Goodwood Brewing Company, Louisville, KY

  1. Thanks for stopping by Goodwood Brewing! If you get a chance to stop in Thursday around 5:00 we will have our unique St. Pats kick off with the “blessing of the beer” !
    We have live music the rest of the week.
    Saturday at 4:00 pm is our local open bluegrass jam which is a total KY experience!
    Happy Safe Beer Travels!
    Goodwood Brewing

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