Chilly Water Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN

2015-10-08 20.49.17 2015-10-08 21.16.37 2015-10-08 20.48.18 2015-10-08 20.38.58

I stopped in at Chilly Water Brewing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana for a beer.  As my past stop in the evening, something sweet was in order.  The Peter Paul Chocolate Coconut Porter was perfect.  And , I may have had one of Skip’s Balls – dark chocolate – as well.  The beer was sweet and tasty.  I could definitely taste all elements: chocolate and coconut.  It was a perfect after dinner drink.  Delicious!

2015-10-08 20.34.33-1 2015-10-08 21.17.03

Have you been here? Have you tried this beer?

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