East End Brewing Company, Pittsburgh, PA

2014-09-09 16.03.31

I returned to East End Brewing Company in Pittsburgh, PA.  With the way the laws are in PA the folks at East End can give samples, which I enjoyed thoroughly, but currently can’t sell pints.  They do sell growlers and mini growlers plus they have 22oz. bombers of a few varieties.  Their beers are wonderful and I highly recommend a stop at their brewery whenever you are in Pittsburgh.

2013-05-28 19.40.49

I stopped in at the East End Brewing Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a Big Hop IPA which was hoppy but balanced with with malt not to be too bitter.  I also tasted the ginger ale and root beer.  That’s right, ginger ale and root beer.  And, they were both very tasty!  My greatest regret was that I didn’t have an opportunity to stop in and pick up a growler before heading home.  Oh, and I also enjoyed a cup of coffee from Commonplace Coffee Company which was located in the same industrial space as East End Brewing Company.  I did pick up a pound of coffee to bring back for one of my over-worked co-workers.

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