Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, Half Moon Bay, CA

2014-04-17 17.06.27     2014-04-17 17.07.07    2014-04-17 17.21.53-2      2014-04-17 17.10.59


I stopped in at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company in Half Moon Bay, California just to sample their beers.  For starters, what a beautiful location.  My pictures don’t do it justice.  Sitting inside or outside with a meal and/or drinks and enjoying that view is well worth the experience.  The food looked good as well.  I tried the Princeton-By-The-Sea IPA which was really tasty.  This beer is brewed with seven varieties of hops which is obvious based on the number of varied hop tastes with each sip.  It is also brewed with a sweet malt which cuts some of the hop bite.  I also tried the Amber Ale which is an award-winning beer. This beer is brewed with four different malts and has a rich sweet flavor.  And, I tried the Tunnel Vision IPA.  This beer has a strong bite to it and uses experimental hops.  Definitely a winner for a hop head like me.

2014-04-17 17.23.05      2014-04-17 17.07.04

One thought on “Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, Half Moon Bay, CA

  1. Wow! This place looks amazing. I would love to be able to visit this one day and enjoy the water front view. And of course I would try there wonderful IPA was there.

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